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Re: Help! 2-layered Thru-Hole PCB Solder Mask/Soldering Problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 30 21:37:44 EDT 1999 | Dreamsniper

Hi everyone, Greetings! I�ve got a 2-layered through-hole PCB�s having the following problems: Solder Mask peels after wave soldering at random locations and only at the bootom side of the PCB Insufficient Solder an

Re: Oven Temperature for Solder Reflow

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 08 20:59:55 EDT 1999 | Dreamsniper

What oven temperature should be used to reflow solder (Sn63Pb37) on a PC board (0.075" to 0.100" thickness) in 5 to 10 minutes? Profiling - tedious but important. As said, start with the paste manufacturers recomendation which is usua

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