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New List of Terms and Definitions

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 08 15:48:52 EDT 1998 | Michael Bryant @ SMTnet

Hello everyone, In the past, there have been forum messages asking for a list of SMT related definitions. Thanks to a great deal of assistance from some of your fellow SMTneters we have added a list of SMT terms and definitions to our library that s

Why is NC the prefer process for BGA mounting? why not WS?

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 21 03:42:55 EDT 2001 | mugen

SMT community, My Fellows, 1) why is No-clean (NC) the preferred process, for BGA mounting by SMT? 2) why is water-soluble (WS) not a hot choice? 3) All I know, *is in layman terms*, that BGA has tendency to trap water, should WS process be the c

Excess Flux in uBGA rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 25 14:38:05 EDT 2001 | nwyatt

1. SRT has been recently calibrated - problem is too many hands in the machine and careless mistakes. The profile is good and has been recently checked by a fellow from Genrad. 2. We are relying on the left over solder from the previous joint and

Water Residue Stains - use toothpaste remover

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 20 19:41:27 EST 2001 | ianchan

I called a cuppa of indutrial friends, and they concluded that the flex-PCB in question, was being subject too high a oven-baking temperature of 100deg-C...50~60deg-C oven-baking temperature would be more appropriate for flex-PCB, due to its very pad

Jimbos' R.O.E.

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 19 01:36:58 EST 2002 | djarvis

My Jimbos' (Drummoyne Dirty Reds Rugby Union Licensed Club)has, sob, just closed. How do I select a new one? Do I, for instance, start a spreadsheet and visit some new venues. What criteria do I use. Price of beer? Quality of beer? Access to bar to d

New SMT line - P&P equipment selection help

Electronics Forum | Tue May 31 11:28:21 EDT 2005 | ve7khz

Thanks fellows, appreciate the input. For those of you who have experience with various machines, what are some of the pros/cons of these? What seems to be readily available are Assembleon Topaz/Emerald and Panasonic MSF, MVA etc. I don't know thing

Quad 1000, looking for opinion

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 03 10:36:12 EST 2005 | 1startical

Steve, Dave has initiated this threat to find a solution for his Quad, but ultimately, it's to solve his production issues, my suggestions was to help Dave out if he wanted it. To make it clear, I did not advertize my company's name nor address, not


Electronics Forum | Sun May 21 00:42:44 EDT 2006 | mika

Hi, I am just thoughtful about how the SMTnet:s e-mail system works. I have been waiting for an e-mail that a fellow with a problem got and I said in the thread; just e-mail me and I will try to help You out because I still have something from the ol

Can you wave solder this part

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 24 19:26:07 EDT 2006 | darby

Dave, Cygnal was taken over by Silabs. I based my design on the second link that you provided. Tell me folks, are you using one large pad with only the stencil having the grid, or are you actually breaking up the large pad into grids with mask around

Very interesting (a must read)

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 07 16:17:21 EST 2006 | patrickbruneel

This is what�s going on over the pond. The request to exempt the lead in electronics on environmental grounds, filed by the courageous fellow lead-free rebel John Burke (RoHSUSA) has been accepted for review by the EU TAC. http://ec.europa.eu/enviro

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