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fine pitch printing

Electronics Forum | Thu May 18 11:16:16 EDT 2006 | russ

Go 5 or 6 mil thick with stencil, i am not familiar with that pitch but I would recoomnd a 5mil. Was the thickness in this post before and i missed it? Russ

fine pitch printing

Electronics Forum | Thu May 18 09:18:33 EDT 2006 | Chunks

Hi dwelch123, 8 mils seems a bit thick to me. I would normally go 6 or 5 mil for fine pitch such as this. One other area to check is the the snap off. Are you using the slow snap off or just lowering the board right after print? If so you should

fine pitch QFP

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 16 09:13:46 EDT 2005 | russ

We use a 5 mil for 16mil pitch QFPs, Make sure that the stencil has been polished. Type 3 paste. We have used lead free no-clean, lead no-clean, and water soluble lead pastes for these packages. We set the printer for a slow stroke .7 in/min. wi

fine pitch printing

Electronics Forum | Thu May 18 10:20:55 EDT 2006 | slthomas

Russ asks good questions and I think Chunks pretty much nailed it. Aspect ratio (aperture width/stencil thickness) s/b 1.2 minimum (I like 1.5 if I can get it). If your aperture width = lead width (.008"), yours is 1. Tough to get consistent paste r

fine pitch QFP

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 16 08:31:15 EDT 2005 | jh0n!

The most part I have the most difficulty with is a 16mil QFN. We found that reducing stencil thickness to 4mil, and reducing aperatures for the IC by 20%, and setting local fiducials to the IC helped immensely. We used to get 75% or more bridged ou

Uncoalesced solder problem in fine pitch IC pads

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 06 03:48:29 EDT 2008 | rameshr

hai, we r using type 4 solder paste in our pcb assembly process - we are now facing the following problem. 1. two component pads soldering was seemed uncoalesced soldered joint except all the other components. 2. what will be the problem & solution f

baked on water soluble flux residue betwwen fine pitch comp.

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 01 14:12:50 EST 2000 | Jim M.

My company currently uses water soluble paste for our SMT process. We were having trouble retaining hot water in our in line, closed loop DI cleaner. The cleaner kept shutting down when the water temp. dropped below 125C. As a result, the conveyor

fine pitch/BGA component handling

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 18 20:08:36 EST 2002 | jonfox

Are your components not in JEDEC trays? We use Kostat trays and we can bake our parts at or up to 150C. What are your temperature requirements, and what are your parts currently being stored in or on? There are a slew of tray makers out there that

fine pitch/BGA component handling

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 18 19:52:25 EST 2002 | kennyg

Problem: A SMT fine pitch or BGA component needs to be baked due to MS concerns and is needed in a hurry. In some cases the packaging will not allow a high temp/short duration bake. Production will not allow a low temp/long duration bake. If the part

fine pitch/BGA component handling

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 19 11:30:11 EST 2002 | russ

What temp. are you planning on baking them? If this is long term process I would recommend that you hav trays made out of an appropriate ESDS material that can withstand your bake temp (such as duropol)for your QFPs. You can have several patterns/pa

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