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Reflow with lead-free 96.5 /3/0.5 No-Clean T4 brown-orange burn color on parts

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 26 17:13:43 EST 2019 | rgduval

Doesn't really look like no-clean to me...typically, no-clean encapsulates the solder joint after reflow, trapping any organics. This looks like plain-old water soluble flux, that cooked a bit too much in reflow. As you noted, it cleaned up with

Arguments against 1(or 2)-ethoxy-propanol (aka SC01)?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 22 09:42:24 EDT 2016 | ttheis

Acetone has hazards other than flammability and odor including potential effects on the nervous system, skin, kidneys, GI tract, as well as blood and bone marrow according to the CDC. Perhaps you misunderstood what I was saying regarding alcohol; I

Reflow with lead-free 96.5 /3/0.5 No-Clean T4 brown-orange burn color on parts

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 20 18:48:18 EST 2019 | rhormigox

Reflow with lead free 96.5 /3/0.5 No-Clean T4 brown-orange burn color on parts While I have been an observer for years, now I am mostly new into reflow process. I tried to reflow a big 4 Layers board and without knowing much about solder pastes oth

White residue after cleaning with IPA

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 25 20:17:40 EST 2003 | ramanandkini

We are soldering a 8 pin TTL chip on to a CEM1 board that has a hot air level soldering. We use no clean soler paste for the reflow process. Now the customer wants us to clean since he is afraid of flux attracting the dust. We have some SMT LEDs that

Solder dust

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 08 09:56:05 EST 2005 | caldon

Tim- You have two separate issues 1) Stencils and 2) wave. Stencils you can purchase a ultrasonic system that will remove the paste automatically or you can use stencil wipes to remove it manually. I would refrain from using towels and IPA as it dilu

Clean the No-Clean

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 10:33:57 EST 2006 | fredericksr

Hello, I am automating a process on our floor from wire solder hand application to dispensed paste and reflow. The process involves "lidding" a shielding lid around our assemblies for microwave quieting. The result is non-hermetic. For cosmet

Flux Stone storage

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 26 14:27:27 EDT 2022 | cbart

Agree, PVC tube with a screw on cap at one end. we store in IPA though, cleans it and keeps it from drying out.

SIR Testing

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 04 02:31:55 EDT 2006 | Mustang

Calling for an input from the Experts our there. Our customer is questioning the cleanliness of the no-clean product that we produced for them. We were asked to clean the board (localised cleaning) after rework (IC need to be changed due to an up re

Using isopropanol with DI water for rinsing after washing boards

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 10 10:45:32 EST 2011 | aqueous

The use of IPA in automated defluxing systems is nearly extinct for the following reasons: 1. IPA is flammable. In a spray-in-air environment, the already low flashpoint is even lower. 2. IPA is not a great solvent. There are specific containme

wave pallets

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 24 18:33:59 EST 2009 | gregoryyork

It is probably due to the solder mask being undercured and is porous alowing the flux to be absorbed which boils when it hits the solder wave that kills the adhesion. You should be seeing this only over copper traces/tracks. Reduce flux volume and in

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