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FR4 boards Delamination Cause?

Electronics Forum | Wed May 07 21:20:53 EDT 2008 | davef

Causes of Delamination ["Quality Assessment of Printed Circuit Boards" Lund, Preben; Bishop Graphics 1985 0137450354] The reason for delamination is epoxy starvation in the glass cloth layers or an incomplete curing of the base material. It has been

Re: Void in solder bump

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 16 03:06:36 EST 1999 | Wirat S.

Our spec on voids is 30% ball diameter in the center. On the component to ball and pad to ball interface, we use 25%. To determine this spec, we asked around. I don't know of any studies that have been done to verify if this is OK Regard

Re: Board Warp And Twist

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 10 13:12:10 EDT 2000 | Bob Willis

You may care to review the following from my Circuits Assembly page on line. "HOW FLAT IS FLAT AND DO WE NEED FLAT CIRCUIT BOARD, YES WE DO ? As production problems go there is one that keeps reoccurring time and time again. The blame is usually di

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