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Thermal Transfer Label Printers

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 29 15:48:12 EDT 2013 | dontfeedphils

I'm looking into labeling solutions for our PCB's. I've got it narrowed down to the label and the ribbon to match our thermal and cleaning processes, now I'm looking into the best overall industrial style printers. What brand and model thermal prin

Re: Automated Labeling -vs Direct Part Marking

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 29 10:57:45 EDT 1999 | JohnJ

We considered direct marking already John. It's not very practical for us to do that. We need to put labels on components as well as boards. A laser or inkjet would cause us to have to change too many things in our processes. We'd still need to do la

Inkjet marking system

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 06 12:03:31 EDT 2004 | dgjjr

Are labels an option?

Lead Free and Leaded Process Mix

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 19 06:33:56 EDT 2005 | Rob

Hi GS, Thanks for responding - looks like we already put end termination coating on the label - we just call it "second level interconnect" There is a specimen label at: http://www.anglia.com/quality/labels.pdf Regarding standardising labels accr

Marking on shrink tubing

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 03 14:56:31 EST 2007 | bman

We also use PS-094 sized labels, and they don't give us any problems. I'm sure you're way ahead of me on this, but just in case, make sure that the sensor is lined up with the notches beside the labels and not the round holes on the edge of the roll

Inspection Marking after Conformal Coating????

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 09 09:15:21 EDT 2008 | davef

Q1. What kind of labels/ink/sharpe can be used under conformal coating without disolving etc...? A1. While we're not familiar with the conformal coat you have selected, this might help. Label selection: The following chemically durable materials are

Barcodes for PCBs - what systems?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 12 23:41:51 EDT 2008 | pickyplacer

charliem, thanks for the reply. I have to admit that I find writing barcodes with a pen a little difficult. AR, I still look at writing directly onto the PCB. But seems those systems are really expensive. I will look further into the normal label

Thermal Transfer Label Printers

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 30 12:20:52 EDT 2013 | deanm

We are using a Zebra S4M (soon to be discontinued) for our larger labels, not for PCBs. For very small labels that would fit well on a PCB, we use a Brady BMP71 which is small, versatile and does not require a PC. If you are running mid to larger vol

Online Label printing & placement

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 22:39:20 EDT 2016 | ttheis

Here's an idea; buy a pcb conveyor and design a simple label applicator to mount to it. Maybe replace the logic with your own or replace the PLC in the conveyor with your own solution. Shouldn't be much more than a few sensors and and a stepper motor

Time-Temperature Labels.

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 09 07:24:53 EDT 2000 | Sal

Has anybody got experience with using Time-Teperature Labels to monitor the freshness of solder paste, if so what are your experiences. Sal.

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