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Baking PWBs prior to wave solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 16 15:38:17 EST 2002 | Randy Villeneuve

No parts or boards are baked unless they are moisture sensitive and were left out too long and that is for reflow only. In your case there should be no reason to bake becouse the boards should be vacuum packed as they come in as well as any moisture

Stenciling chipbonder.....

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 22 15:22:53 EST 2003 | davef

Hey "Dispenser Boy" does this mean we can have your machine? ;P I'll be out to supervise the packing with a Hook in my hand. Poke around the fine SMTnet Archives to get started on aperture design. 7525, Stencil Design Guidelines is pretty much of

TDK RX11 Machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 03 23:59:31 EST 2003 | masr

Basically the problem detail is, can't read the encoder reader from the motor, I swap the servo pack, the controler cards from the pc, the output cards from the plc, the motor and still have the problem!

No-Lead solder defect - No solder on pads

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 22 12:49:19 EST 2003 | Marc Simmel

The boards are vacuum packed in quantities of 50 pieces and used within an hour or two of opening; no nitrogen storage. The boards are processed in a double-sided smd process.

Securing components for wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 14 07:47:41 EDT 2004 | pcbrown

I am looking for effective ways to secure through-hole components (non-clinched) to the boards for wave soldering. Can someone share their ideas or methods? We've tried vacuum packing & tacking/masking, but there must be better ways. I'd appreciate a

Low cost Thermocouples

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 30 05:55:07 EDT 2004 | Grant

Hi, We can get them for around $430 per pack of 9, and is that good? It seems a little high, and that's why I wondered if there were other options. Regards, Grant

Oven for lead free...???

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 21:28:44 EDT 2004 | KEN

BTU is a very reputable company. They make superb products that are reliable. Very solid, feature packed software. Heller.....well.... did I mention BTU?

Touch or no touch-up

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 11 08:20:25 EST 2005 | Rob

Depends what the joint is on, and how historically it has performed - ie. is it a part that won't wick on the wave, or near a ground plane that never forms properly. It may be that they know something you don't about the board. However any info s

Dryer Indicator

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 24 12:59:14 EST 2005 | DasonC

Desicattor is used for storage and not the indicator or meter to check the humidity. I am not sure that the HIC will affect the solderability, if yes, when they pack together with the MSD then we also have solderability problem on component. Per J-

BGA rework: Coplanarity of Xilinx before and after reflow.

Electronics Forum | Mon May 16 15:53:17 EDT 2005 | adrian_nishimoto

This has been a problem with new components coming directly from vacuum sealed desiccant packed moisture barrier bags with moisture level cards. We have also baked all boards prior to the BGA rework to ensure no moisture issues were addressed.

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