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Panasonic Nozzles

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 29 16:04:47 EST 2004 | Terrapin Station

They are actually diamond impregnated tips. The tip can be cleaned using a special jig. this will extend the life. these nozzles are from a machine platform dating back to 1997. The RSS can last for 1,000,000 cycles. SA and MA are similiar but requi

Re: Is there Any Nozzle Vendors ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 06 23:34:30 EDT 1998 | Alan Archer

There is another company by the name of Count on Tools based in Gainesville, GA. Services include: *Diamond Nozzles standard type and special sizes *Adhesive nozzle rework and special design *MPA chuck head parts, rework and calibration *Vacuum pump

Panasonic CM Users

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 11 09:58:20 EST 2012 | cbeneat

I have a question for any Panasonic CM 402/602 users. We run Cree XPE/XPG/XPC LED's on our machines, and have struggled for years with the lights sticking in our nozzles. We have two types, I believe both designed by Cree, one picks the light up by

Homemade Custom Nozzles

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 07 10:19:46 EDT 2008 | ratsalad

I will second the recommendation for Count On Tools. I've shipped sample parts out to them next day air (let's say on Monday), Tuesday they received the parts, made the nozzle, and shipped it back for Wednesday delivery. That is not normal turn tim

SMT Component placed upside down

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 01 18:33:21 EDT 2005 | crishan

Hi All, We are not using a Vib. bowl feeder, or stick feeder, these parts are on a reel. The pick & place machine we are using is a Panasonic brand YV100X, its a single head with 8 nozzles. What we are finding is that the component package size is

Re: Placement of 0201'

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 21 06:59:53 EDT 1998 | WAYNE

Panasonic Create: What (Where) are your pad design and design quidelines that you have in-place? Dave F Dave" Thanks for the response. Many people I have talked with are interested in 201's, but are not placing at this time. I am curious about

QFP Coplanarity

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 25 17:07:15 EST 2002 | peterson

We are using a Panasonic MPAV2 to place some QFP's. Can someone please help me with a problem we are having with coplanarity! The machine is "dropping" parts due to coplanarity issues. What settings should we be looking at in order to eliminate the

Missing component benchmarking

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 14 17:28:35 EST 2002 | stepheno

I worked with Fuji CP6 where one of the techs wanted a minimum of part data's. He was used to working with panasonic machines. We would get resistors broken in two if the part data was too small and parts flying off the board if the part data was t

Fuji versus Mydata

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 02 16:06:36 EST 2007 | peterson

Mydata machines are very solid. They are always upgradable since the base machine is essentially the same. Recent advancements in camera and feeders have increase placement speed. However, this is generally not the machine you would select and expect

Panasonic CM Users

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 09:34:45 EST 2012 | pr

I am new to the company but the story sounds the same. We have a new board coming in (with CREE LEDS) and I wanted to get in front of it, and found these nozzles. We are going to try them out as soon as we get the spending O.K. They are designed for

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