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Who Recycles reels, trays, tubes????

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 14 10:44:21 EDT 2001 | gregcr

We had a company who would take our used trays, reels and tubes to recycle them but they are no longer taking them. Does anyone know of another company who will do this?? How is your company currently disposing/recyling these plasics??? any info

ohms reading

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 03 20:40:23 EST 2002 | Eliud Rivera

The actual water soluble process is killing us. We sent the cloose loop tanks for regenaration each two weeks. We spent too much money sending the tank overseas. Is there a company in PR that recycles this tanks. Maybe in Florida? What is the low

Old Solder Paste reclamation service????

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 02 10:00:11 EST 2007 | jseagle

Check out ECS refining, they will recycle your paste and dross and cut you a check. We usually send 1 55 gal drum of dross and 1 55 gallon of waste and get a check back for ~$150. You can also contact the solder suppliers they usually have recycle

lead free solder dross recycling

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 19 20:04:06 EDT 2011 | warwolf

yeah I’ve tried to go down the road of internal recycling but the company carnt justify spending 20k on a machine that does it. Ah but where still onto it in other places though our SMT department has very minimal wastage on solder paste as we have b

Excess SAC387

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 24 12:24:43 EDT 2013 | stiger

My company uses a SAC387 ribbon for stamping solder onto connectors before shipping to a customer. This stamping process creates a lot of SAC387 excess that we send off to be recycled at a very low price. This excess would be great for wave soldering

Clear plastic SMT tapes - what plastic grade for recycling

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 15 10:50:00 EDT 2014 | proy

Can anyone suggest what plastic type SMT tapes for mostly embossed/deep pocket tapes are for recycling? I am talking about semi clear type, for 16/24mm widths usually pocketed. The black tapes we get from our Tape and reel supplier are thermo forme

Emboss Carrier Tape recycling processes

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 27 14:57:00 EDT 2018 | jacobidiego

Hi Experts, I have noted a savings opportunity on our work-place as chipmounters discard carrier tapes which are easily separated in different waste-containers below the feeders. Normally the company pays a service to dispose that waste. Have anyon

recycling waste paste

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 25 17:42:40 EDT 2000 | Steve Thomas

Back in October a post went up re: the fact that a solder manufacturer quit recycling paste, and the responses then weren't encouraging, so I'm gonna stir it up again. I haven't figured out what we're going to do with ours yet and it's piling up. N

Re: Recycling Solder Paste?

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 12 04:18:12 EDT 1999 | Scott Davies

We have three buckets filled with leftover solder paste from our screen printing process. Kester has informed me that they no longer take paste, but only dross and pot dumpings. Does anyone know if there's someplace I can recycle this, or am I

Scrapped Boards

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 23 16:48:23 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi "If a PCB board is scrapped because it contains faults that cannot be repaired or it has been damaged, we currently quarantine them for a period of time. Once this period of time has passed the boards are then disposed." Sounds Good, Usually thi

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