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solder balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 16 09:04:00 EDT 2001 | Hussman

No argument here. But I've don't think I've ever seen solder balls on 0402s. Even when they're placed on narrow G dimension pads, where there is little toe fillet, I've never seen a solder ball. But your idea of reversed homeplates would work grea

Solder Balls in Vias

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 04 11:14:48 EDT 2002 | ckd

Hi All - My question is how do solder balls form and stay in the vias? The assembly goes thru SMT top placement, reflow then thru hole components mounts on top side as well. The board is sent thru the wave solder process. Has anyone experienced this

Selective soldering pallets and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 02 17:02:28 EST 2002 | Vince Whipple

Steve, I agree with the recommendation to check the temperature. This is the first place to go. Is this an IPA or water based Noclean? What is the topside temp of the assembly at the effected areas? If you are too cold you will have a tendency to hav

Solder Ball under BGA

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 12:01:10 EDT 2004 | Dreamsniper

Hi, Can anyone help me as to what is acceptable and reject when it comes to solder balling under BGA's? I've got some BGA's with solder Ball but they seemed to be attached and they are about 10% of the size of the actual soldered BGA joint size. Our

Solder balls

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 06 10:46:12 EDT 2004 | blnorman

We have now switched to Kester EP256. During our solder paste evaluation, resistance to humidity was one of the selection criteria. We printed multiple boards, then exposed them to 85�F/65% RH. At 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 4 hours exposure

solder ball attachment machines

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 15 14:24:17 EST 2004 | nrocco

Im looking for equipment that can attach solder balls between the size 15-25 mils to the leads of a land grid array. There is also the posibility of attaching balls before leads are inserted into the socket. This is a little differant than attaching

Bga question??

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 12 19:22:52 EDT 2005 | techknow..

When examining a Bga using an Ersascope, I found that all the joints where good. However I found that the first few solder balls from left to right ( vice versa ) seem higher than the middle solder balls. It appears that the body of the part is flex

minimum solder ball (bead) size

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 06 11:57:12 EDT 2006 | Chunks

IPC 610 says acceptable Class 1 (Class 2, 3 indicator) if they are entrapped/encpsulated balls within 0.13mm of lands or pads. or exceed 0.13mm in diameter. Defect Class 1,2,3: Solder ball violates min electrical clearance. Solder balls not entrap

Homeplate design

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 25 13:29:24 EDT 2007 | realchunks

Hi Lloyd, Homeplates will get rid of solder balling. They are only recommended "backwards" for 0402 or smaller (Points point away from each other). If you do this, you will have a full pad width of paste on the pad for the part to stick in. Obvio


Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 28 03:05:48 EDT 2009 | nibirta

Hi, we are facing a problem with a cobar solder paste and i need some support here. We have 2 lots of solder paste: one makes solder balls, one no-solder balls. Can you suggest me any analyses that we can performed in order to see the differences bet

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