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WTD: Panasert & Fuji Manual.

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 22 23:26:01 EDT 2002 | mjabure

It's been quite a few ywars since I dealt with Panasonics but you might try Panasonic factory automation. I believe they are in Elgin, Illinois now. You might try their website I believe the URL is http://www.panasonicfa.com

Electroless Nickel without gold immersion

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 20 14:55:33 EDT 2002 | markhoch

Has anybody expierianced solderability issues on electroless nickel boards that do not have gold immersion? We recently tried to process boards of this type, and I may as well have been trying to reflow on plastic. Any ideas?


Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 04 17:03:11 EST 2002 | soupatech

Thanks, I'll try the 1mm first. So there IS a MELF nozzle? Iwould try the IP2 but they came on a big reel and I have no feeders for that.

Electroform stencil cost vs. value again other methods

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 18 16:16:59 EST 2002 | Dick Van Belzen

We are trying to understand if there are proceeding or whitepapers which document the cost differential of the electroforming process for stencil vs. other methods. And what the related benefits are. Our center for advanced technology is trying to

Repairing balls on BGA's

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 07 08:35:13 EDT 2003 | Reman01

Trying to come up with a way to repair or replace damaged or missing balls on BGA's. Has anyone done or tried to do this?

Wave Soldering Upflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 05 17:19:18 EDT 2003 | Kris

Hi, Have you tried increasing the vibration at the main wave or using a chip wave? try increasing the temperature of the solder by about 10 Deg C.

Feeder/Machine Maintenance Tracking

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 18 11:23:41 EDT 2003 | jgregory

Try this. It's what we use and it works great. **Oops. Duh. Forgot to post link: http://www.pister.com/gage.html Try again Jason

Hasl thickness trends

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 16 15:09:23 EDT 2003 | russ

Maybe trying to get a flatter HASL PCB. But i am unaware of the "entire industry" trying to go thinner. Russ

Lead free BGA's & std SnPb paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 31 11:37:35 EST 2003 | caldon

Hi John- Try http://www.Aimsolder.com There website has some articles regarding this. Also, try http://www.smtinfocus.com one of the best compiled resources I have come across. Cal

Reflowing a PowerPak SO-8

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 05 08:49:39 EST 2003 | Axl

You might want to try reducing your stencil aperture by 10% first off; if it still swims try using a home plate design. Also if your profile is going into liquidous to fast, this might cause the swimming as well, check your profile.

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