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Vacuum Sealers

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 24 13:48:43 EDT 2003 | jgregory

Thanks Francois, unfortunately, I have no choice but to vacuum seal these bags. These "units" being sealed are going to a sub-contractor, and ultimately to the US government. It is a customer requirement. We've been messing with this AmeriVacs unit

HG 7900 hot gas rework station.

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 02 14:30:42 EDT 2003 | KEN MAYNARD

Does anyone know of a company or person who is currently servicing this hot gas rework station. We had purchased this unit in 1994 from Manix Mfr. but they no longer support this unit CAN SOMEONE HELP!! call me @ 631-439-9377

Air Bath Rework System

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 30 15:13:31 EDT 2004 | Chris

The Zephytronics unit does not have the power you need. Their process is based on low temp soldering. Companies like PACE have preheat units that will give you more power and control. I see more Zephytronics on the shelf in my travels than any oth

Conformal coat removal

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 23 08:58:11 EDT 2004 | RDC

I know Micro Care made a unit that removed conformal coating with compressed air and a solvent. But they no longer make it. Does anyone have the 2000 version of this unit and may want to sell it or know of another compressed air solvent solution, p

Device to create a reflow/wave profile

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 11:57:08 EST 2005 | lyrtech

Hi, actually, I'm searching for a device to create reflow profiles like DATAPAQ, KIC, MOLE.... because our only one unit is broken... Which one are you using and why? Do you know if someone have a second hand unit to sell?

vaccum & blow level for Juki machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 15 00:14:27 EDT 2005 | fdr4prez

Contact your local Juki Service Office, they should be able to supply these answers. Or post your data and other users can compare them with their equipment. The units of measure can be in either kPA or mmHg. This is dependent on the units of meas


Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 27 04:57:37 EDT 2005 | Base

because Kg is not a volume unit but a mass unit... (One would think that this sort of stuff is common knowledge in a tech industry... apparantly not...) Base (former science teacher... really!)

L type conveyor

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 10 07:40:33 EDT 2005 | pjc

To make an "L" you use a 90 deg turn unit, a.k.a. "diverter" conveyor, then connect to a straight or linking conveyor. Go to this link to see turn unit: http://www.flexlink.com/wps/public/s/10000/c/29667

wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 11 04:13:23 EST 2005 | arnold

we are manufacturer of molded type transformer and we soldered are units using wave soldering machine and then we washed the units to remove flux residue. what materials or any process for us to eliminate the process of washing after wave soldering.

green contamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 26 19:18:49 EST 2005 | arnold

I would to ask on what do you call on the color green contamination found on the soldered units. Whe i soldered some units after few days there was a color green on the wires. what do you call on this contamination?

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