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schematic needed for Philips CSM / Yamaha YM boards

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 06 00:43:37 EST 2008 | jmelson

Well, as usual, you can't trust ANY documentation to get it right! I have a CSM84, model PA1306/20, the last model with DC brush motors. I have the service manual for the machine, it has schematics of much of the machine, but skips the servo amps a

Need help with Philips CSM84 or YM84

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 28 17:38:14 EDT 2009 | Peter

Hi, I bought a Philips CSM84 machine 2 weeks ago. I have no experience on SMT machine so I try to learn everything from the manual. There is an error message when I program a simple program and try to get it executed. "PCB FIXING ERR. LOCATE PIN NO

Need help with Philips CSM84 or YM84

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 30 15:16:32 EDT 2009 | Peter

Hi Tom, You're right. I do find the second locating pin hardware. Now I got them both up/down when F3 is pressed. Thanks. I don't see any pin on the hardware and no edge clamp hardware either :-( , do you know any way that I can bypass these hardware

Re: Philips (Yamaha) Placement Machines Boo's & Cheers

Electronics Forum | Tue May 19 13:54:17 EDT 1998 | Dave F

| I am interested to buy some Yamaha feeders! | 8mm, 16mm and 24mm for Hyper series YM-84II. | Can You help? | | The thread on GSM's inspired this: We have a tough time making the trade-off on GSM's work. The next option we like is the Philips (Ya

Yamaha YM100VPII questions

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 03 08:02:05 EDT 2007 | itaig1

I have the manual for this machine and the programs I am after allow me to connect the machine to a PC via an RS232 interface to allow upload and download files to/from the machine as well as an optimiser. We have had the machine for a while and is o

Need help with Philips CSM84 or YM84

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 29 13:49:59 EDT 2009 | tpappano

Hi Peter, I'm a new user of a CSM84VZ, so I have only a small grasp so far about what goes on in the machine 8-) There should be two locating pins. One fixed and the other adjustable for different board widths. Small cylinders are coupled to the

Philips CSM 46/60 Manuals

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 01 10:07:35 EDT 2014 | sarason

My program PCBSynergy will generate a file for this machine http://members.iinet.net.au/~sarason/ The machine type is Yamaha YM6021 under the dropdown menus. The Communication control is a little on the difficult side and is not as extensive as wh

Need help with Philips CSM84 or YM84

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 31 12:35:29 EDT 2009 | tpappano

Hi Peter, I forgot to mention that the "locating pins" are on the front conveyor rail, and have conical points that poke partially into the holes in the pcb locking it into position. Also as part of the "locating" arrangement are two more slim pneu

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