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Re: testing after SMt assembly

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 23 10:16:16 EDT 1999 | Boca

Dear all Please help me to know what kind of tests usually done after SMT Pick & place and reflow oven. Our appliocation is Mainly fabrication of mother boards. Thanks In theory, ICT is the classical answer (In-Ci

Re: Solder on GF

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 14 11:36:56 EDT 1999 | Jimmy Strain

Hi All, Does any one experienced the solder on gold finger after reflow. Its about 5 to 8 mils diameter . We'd clean the entire screen printer, mounter & reflow as well, but doesn't help much. Mr Kong..

Re: Off Pad Printing

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 28 22:02:13 EDT 1999 | Dave F

Hey there gang, how's it going ? Anyway's here's my probelm, got a new product to build double sided reflow, lot's of so20's and PLcc's 1206's, 0805's the usual stuff. Probelm is all the pad spacing of the 1206's are too big, my component's ar

Re: bare board problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 18 10:46:10 EDT 1999 | Scott Cook

first of all what is the technical term for the small amount of solder on a plated pad. we are getting poor screen printing gasketing on a 20 mil qfp due to this solder not being even or too high in spots and not covering the length of the pads

Re: uBGA's

Electronics Forum | Tue May 18 16:22:43 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

Hi Guys, I am going to be graced with the good luck of processing microBGA's in the near future. A bit of a step forward from printing 20-mil pitch and wave soldering 0805's, wouldn't you say? So, any of you folks who

A few more things

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 25 04:34:09 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

No this message isn't about my triumphant return. It's not even about that lady I wanted to run away with to Mehico (who were you again). It's about progress and some of you might be interested, or not. 1) For DEKheads, I submit we had two of Britai

Re: BGA Voiding Problem

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 25 11:50:08 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

We are just starting to manufacture a PCB with a .039" fine-line PBGA. We are currently seeing voids, mainly in the center, that are as much as 45%. We also intermittently see the corner balls of the PBGA smaller than the center balls. We are u

Re: Moisture sensitive device processing

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 25 04:12:34 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

At Sanders (Military manufacturer), we have only started using plastic parts within the past few years. After being tasked with reviewing the new J-Std-033, it became obvious to me our process for controlling device exposure is weak. We build very

Re: Cleaning procedures for Entek-Plus Cu-106A

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 05:23:29 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

Dave said: So Earl, have you gone honest and haken a real job or is this a consulting project? TTYL Davebert DamnDaveBert, I know you didn't mean to insult such a sensitive one as me, bu

Re: Screen Printer Eval

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 10 10:11:10 EST 1999 | Justin Medernach

My printer evaluation has come down to the Fuji GP-6 or the Dek 265LT. I'm looking for experienced opinions on both of these options, we're currently running an older vintage Dek 265 printer that gives us constant electronic system problems. The

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