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no contact on BGA

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 25 01:57:07 EDT 2001 | nifhail

We experienced a random no contact at ATE on our board. The board I'm building consist of 9 BGAs, all of them are OK except for one, intermittently the tester will prompt no-contact message. It's happened on a diff. I/O, but only happened on that pa

Manual Stencil Alignment

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 05 07:22:43 EDT 2001 | murray

Dear Herb Intoduce a decent light source (halogen desk lamp or similar)when aligning. Then concentrate on the refection as you adjust in the x & y rather than trying to see edges of pads as they pass the appetures. Start with rapid sweeps to get

lead-free wave

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 24 03:26:45 EDT 2001 | winnifred

Dr. Lee, For lead-free wave soldering, we are recommended to use SnCu0.7, why not 0.8 or more ?? Since SnCu0.7 has eutectic melting point at 227 deg C, does it mean with more Cu or less Cu, the melting point will be higher ?? Also, in lead solderin

Re: missing component after placement

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 27 10:22:21 EST 2000 | JAX

Dennis, Not sure why your so secrative about what machine but I guess it doesn't matter. When you start placing 0402 & 0603 packages the difference between height and width and length gets lost in tolerance. This allows the machine to pass parts t

Re: PCB Support

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 30 16:21:02 EST 1999 | Mike Moninger

A really nifty nest can be made by making an RTV mold of the first side of your assembly. Assuming all are identical within some small tolerance, the resulting mold holds the board very securely and distributes the loading. Cover the components with

Re: paste release from stencil - recommendations

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 21 13:48:16 EST 1999 | Steve Thomas

We're going to 5 mil foil from 6 mil, with a 10 mil aperture, radiused corners. Supposedly going to traps. from right angles, but who knows? We've got temp. controlled at ~73F, but no RH control. We are going to also try out a more humidity toleran

Re: reflowing double sided SMT

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 15 06:14:16 EDT 1999 | Wayne S.

I'm looking for some good articles on reflowing of double sided SMT boards. I'd like to come up with a process for low volume prototyping, but need to understand the do's and don'ts. Hello, you can get some insight by typing in double sided boa

Re: 0402 Component Placement

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 14 16:38:54 EDT 1999 | The Guc

Is it possible to place 0402 components with a Fuji CP2? How about a CP4? What are the suggestions for 0402 machine placement? Any help would be appreciated. Never had a CP2. Had limited success on CP4's. Do better with 6's and

Solder Balls on end of long pins

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 08 16:44:15 EDT 1999 | Rob Jankowski

I am wave soldering a single sided through hole PCB array with (6) .040" round diameter pins that sit .5" off the PCB, and .080" apart. The problem being experienced is that solderballs are appearing on the end of the pins. I have tried decreasing


Electronics Forum | Mon May 03 11:26:53 EDT 1999 | Dave F

John: Homeplate is a reference from that American version of cricket ... baseball. In baseball, the pitcher throws the ball towards the batter and the ball must pass over homeplate to be considered to be strike. The ball also must be between the b

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