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Pcb immersion tin thickness

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 07 09:04:09 EDT 2006 | molos21

Hi everyone, I am starting to use the lead free process and I had a few wetting problems (solder did not reach top side) at the wave soldering process once the pcb had passed our smt line (one heat pass). From what I understand, I have had a problem

QFN Recognotion Problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 03 05:20:42 EDT 2007 | Haris

HI I think it is matter of light which is throwing by ur Machine camera, Decrese its light level and then try i believe it may works, because camera only recognises its leads/pins as it reflects back & not the other things, or choose the ODD CHIP/ I

How many times can a component go through reflow oven?

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 21 04:37:26 EDT 2009 | grahamcooper22

Manufacturers of non hermetic SMT components have to test their devices as per IPC JEDEC 20C to check their reflow and moisture sensitivity. In this spec they pass them through reflow 3 times, then check them for damage and retest their performance.

Expected First Pass Yield for selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 29 12:47:25 EDT 2012 | deanm

We are experiencing widely varying First Pass Yields for selective soldering. Some boards are near 100% while others are less than 50% depending on the pitch and general complexity of the board. Question: If you are running 100 boards through your s

Panasonic Panasert SPPV solder paste screen printer

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 25 13:36:39 EDT 2014 | sonavc

Hi everyone, hope you can help me with this machine I bought used and after it is set up , it runs good, home position. I can click the tab Start, and Setup. But I can't click the tab I/O , edit or system. Because, I think I can't log in the Level

Second Pass In Wavesolder

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 03 03:55:29 EST 2002 | Hany_khoga

Thanks Dave , but what is meant by Tg & MLB ? Hany

Standard for BGA void

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 23 14:44:58 EDT 2002 | mzaboogie

Hi Ben, IPC610 has a pass/fail of 25% of ball volume. Hope this helps

Dream SMT Line

Electronics Forum | Wed May 05 15:29:39 EDT 2004 | SWagner

The GSI will pass gage R&R if you purchase the optional 2x scan head for the 0201;s.

Tooling for double sided SMT

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 14 18:28:20 EDT 2005 | darby

We use the standard supports that come with the machine. Print a 1:1 transparency of the first pass side of the pcb including mechanical outline and components. Your customer may need to supply this. Flip this over and tape it into position at th

Dek 265

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 04 07:20:27 EST 2005 | chunks

By-pass the surge protector on top of the power supply. Located at the bottom of the machine. Pretty common on older 265s.

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