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Re: Digital Camera

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 24 07:06:28 EDT 1999 | Brian

This is out of the normal scope of this site but� I am in search of a Digital Camera for use with documentation instructions. What would be the Minimum Resolution that I should require? I will need details of assemblies such as Component Ide

Re: Fine pitch with DEK 260

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 23 10:28:51 EDT 1999 | K

You should have no problems with this. Are you thinking of buying one or do you already have one - either way it would be worth upgrading to DeKAlign 4 K Does anyone have an older DEK 260? I was wondering if a 1995 model 260 with DeKAlign 2 is


Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 18 08:35:05 EDT 1999 | John

Does anyone have any experience with EKRA screenprinters? I am looking for a semiauto screenprinter and I came across this brand. My local rep says that they are fairly new in the US, so, it is hard to get opinions on the machine. I am looking als

Re: Solder Paste Inspection

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 07 03:38:34 EDT 1999 | JAX

Hello, I am currently looking for a solder paste height inspection system (preferably one that will go in-line). Can anyone reccommend any? Thanks Steve Steve, Cybersentry makes an easy to program model that can be


Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 23 01:03:28 EDT 1999 | KYUNG SAM PARK

HI Earl Thank you for your answer. Let me know you about the hot you mentioned First of all, The rework machine is the BGA3500 manufactured by 0.k international ] ��DESOLDERING HEAT ��IRON TIP TEMP : 350-370��(MEASURED) ��REBALLING

PCB Loader (Yamazen)

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 21 19:55:23 EDT 1999 | Jorge L. Torres

We recently came across a Yamazen board loader. Model PK-32E, Manufacture in Japan 10/1994. I am having some difficulty trying to trouble shoot the system. I was able to determine the power supply in the unit was defective. Since then, I have replac

Wavesolder conveyors

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 26 21:17:34 EDT 1999 | Bob Huelsenbeck

Anyone having any conveyor rail shaking on Electrovert wavesolder machine model "Electra"? The conveyor shakes more with a pallet passing through the machine, particularly when the 20" pallet is passing from spray fluxer to the first pre-heater. Here


Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 24 10:49:38 EST 1999 | Ng

It has been known that sufficient cooling after soldering is important in order to get a stronger joint during its solidification stage. And it has been so much emphasised with reflow oven. But, why many models of wave soldering machine do not come w

executive file universal DIP inserter

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 09 15:23:45 EDT 1998 | Claude Couture

I have trouble loading the executive file into a universal DIP inserter (model 6796 unimod). the start of the loading goes well, but stops at byte 5689. the "run" light stays off. Anybody who knows these machine will know what I'm talking about. I

Etch Cutting Equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 08 11:49:17 EDT 1998 | Rick Wyman

Hi- I'm looking for an etch cutting machine. My present machine- Magic C-60 - made by Automation Unlimited is at the end of its useful life. A.U. no longer supports it and no longer manufactures new models. I am trying to find SOMEONE who does ma

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