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CSM Technical Question

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 17 09:19:23 EDT 2007 | actech

This box has the I/O card mounted sideways under it's own cover on the side of the main box. The CPU card is the bottom card. The Two driver cards X/Y and R/Z are side by side and mount to a steel base pannel with there relays at the back. but even i

Cleanning no clean residu

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 22 15:41:39 EDT 2007 | davef

Bruno The real question about your troop using Kester 951 wave solder flux on boards is: how is the flux applied and controlled. See, when you apply this flux with your wave solder fluxer, it is ideally applied in a metered fashion with your fluxer

What caused this reflow issue?

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 17 05:14:40 EDT 2008 | gregoryyork

I have seen similar things like this before with Solder Resist redepositig back on the pads, this is a clear residue very hard to see. Solder resist will obviously resist solder adhering to it. If you rework the boards then the heat of the iron will

Barrel fill with Pb Free Wave Solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 10 08:30:20 EST 2008 | rgduval

Are you using no-clean solder, or just no clean flux? If you're using a solder with WS flux in the core, and a no-clean flux; we'd suggest switching to a WS flux to help during the soldering. If you are using a no-clean solder/flux combination, you

Flux residue

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 28 07:42:07 EDT 2009 | Mike Konrad

Hi Sean, No-clean flux does leave a residue. Under the best conditions, it is invisible. There are many factors that can cause the residue to become visible such as an inadequate oven profile (or lack of proper preheat on a wave). Also, if wave s

Need low cost pick and place machine for limited production

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 10 15:15:17 EDT 2009 | indity

I have very little knowledge of pick and place machines or assembly, and was hoping someone could give me some advice of where to start looking. I do learn quickly so I am not afraid of challenges or learning through mistakes. I need to produce abou

Need low cost pick and place machine for limited production

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 18 22:22:43 EDT 2009 | comatose

Assuming you want to run 8 hours a day and 5 days a week, you need a sustained throughput of 2.5k components per hour. With fine pitch, futzing around, setup, etc you should really look for machines rated in the 4k to 5k per hour range. That's not sc

Unusual solderability issue

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 19 15:45:21 EDT 2010 | dwonch

Thanks to all for your input. We did have a third party do an analysis on boards from the first shop. They were shipped directly from the board shop to eliminate the possibility that we could contaminate them. The third party (Forsite) did find Sili

ceramic cap crack

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 09 19:09:52 EDT 2010 | rway

A couple of things: Does the cap break if you try to remove it with hot air? If not, than you are breaking the caps do to mechanical stress. We have had similar issues. I don't think your board is suffering from mechanical stress from depaneling o

smd capacitors- ICT measuring

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 13 08:32:24 EDT 2013 | rway

Have you verified the measurements on the bench with an LCR meter? Chances are you are experiencing aging with these ceramic caps. We have similar issues with X5R and X7R caps. You will see the effects of aging with returns from the field as well

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