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Lead free alloys

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 15:47:29 EDT 2000 | William

Bob, what alloy is leading the pack for sn-pb replacement. Will this alloy adapt itself to component leads? What circuit board finishes will we be dealing with?

Juki2000 vs YamahaYV100 or 88

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 17 09:47:02 EDT 2001 | Mike Kennedy

Thank you all for your comments. We ended up going with the Juki machine and are trying to adapt the SMS machine control software. Thank you


Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 01 16:08:55 EST 1999 | greg

is there an adapter or cable to run from SMP1 to SMEMA connection. What do each mean and are they in someway interchangable? I have a conveyor w/ SMP1 that is to be connected to a machine w/ SMEMA.... any thoughts? thank you greg

Walkmen In Assembly Area

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 11 14:39:10 EST 2002 | Claude_Couture

I think it's a question of how boring and repetitive a job is. also, I seem to remember background music in most office environment improves productivity, and that there a special music programs that adapts music styles for different period of the da

ERP Software

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 25 20:31:06 EST 2003 | davef

Most MRP software providers are fundamentally flawed in their failure to recognize and adapt their software for the complexity of buying materials by electronic manufacturing firms.

Fuji CP4 and 0402 placement

Electronics Forum | Fri May 23 07:07:39 EDT 2003 | qp1

Please your comments for placing 0402 on CP4? Which are the difficulties to expect and how to threat them? How to adapt the feeders for the smaller interdistance of the tape?? Thanks

SMT Quick Frame Adapter

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 23 16:57:38 EDT 2003 | Gerald Roos

Hi Guys, I have been making these frames to hold and tension Stainless Screens for some time now. They are being used in a wide range of screen printers through New Zealand

SMT Quick Frame Adapter

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 30 15:24:07 EST 2003 | johnwnz

Hi Gerald, can you mail me soem info on this also as I'm currently runnign quickframes but would like to review what I have and how I can transfer it to the DEK I have here. John

HighMixLowVolume P&P Equipment selection

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 27 14:32:37 EST 2004 | fritschusa

Assembleon machines are extrememly flexible and adaptable. Their service / tech support is outstanding. I consider them a leader in our industry. My shop is low/mid volume high mix. I have kits of 1 to 10,000. 0201 to 56mm^2.

DEK Printers

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 27 07:59:47 EST 2004 | cyber_wolf

Is it true that a DEK printer will not accept a standard 20X20 stencil. I have heard that the image on the stencil is offset as well.(you need special stencils just for DEK printers?) Do they make an adapter to accommodate standard 20X20's with cent

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