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Programming Mydata

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 31 09:27:33 EDT 2009 | jamyboy

With Pronto Place I can generate a Mydata program and automatically merge an Excel bom in about 20 seconds. Takes longer if I need to produce assembly doxs...but still faster than Circuit Cam...have used the Mydata macro in the past also, but it does

Mentor BOM Explorer

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 27 16:43:31 EDT 2011 | davef

We don't know anything about your Mentor BOM Explorer, but we spoke with some Mentor folks at the SMTA International Exhibit about their MES software product. Try: Suzanne Graham, Mentor Graphics Corporation, 8005 Sw Boeckman Rd, Wilsonville, Oregon

How do you manage your Tools for production?

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 09 08:49:57 EDT 2014 | rgduval

Jorge, If the tooling in question is specific to certain jobs, we'd suggest carrying that tooling on the BOM for that job. Simply assign an internal part number, and assign that part to the BOM. You'll likely have to engrave the p/n or label the t

BOM Connector Software usage

Electronics Forum | Fri May 19 10:08:47 EDT 2017 | majorelectronics

We want to make use of BOM Connector software from Router Solutions. Does your company work with this software? Please let me know how does this software works for your company. Is it a big time saver compared to your other system you worked with to

Program verification

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 08 03:09:44 EDT 2022 | pradeep14

Thank you. In our organization also we are following loading verification before starting the placement. But i want know before starting the placement during NPI/Proto Build, what are the system need to be followed to cross check with Pick & Place pr

Adding new line

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 09:59:10 EDT 2013 | mainenetservices

Regarding the software part of this thread, one of our long time forum supporters has a product that also may be helpful - Rich Larue from Unisoft says, "It looks like ANTON99 is looking for is a BOM comparison across multiple assemblies to ID like

Lead-Free Bom Conversion (please read)

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 15:01:37 EST 2006 | Brian W.

We have a joint process with our purchasing department. They get notification from a supplier, which is passed to us. As a CM, we notify the customer and get permission to use it. Then we enter a new part number with a special suffix indicating le

Validation of Pick & Place programs

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 11 16:05:46 EST 2008 | jlawson

Our programs are created in an ASCII format ( we > do not have Unicam or Circuit cam ), so we load > the finish PNP program and then we sort it by > reference designator. We then load the BOM in an > ASCII format and also sort it by reference >


Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 14:41:56 EDT 1999 | tornado

Dear sir ; my name is ahmed i am engineer in a good well prepared factury for making computers M/B AND ALL KIND OF CARDS ACCESSORIES (FAX/MODEM , VGA , SOUND , .... ) MY TASK NOW IS TO GIVE THEM THE INFORMATION ABOUT THE SUPPLIERS OF VGA CAR


Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 13:20:00 EDT 1999 | Hunter

Dear all, We are a newly constructed factory for Computer prehpirals assembly . We are looking for a company which can supply a complete BOMS for the following items. You can recommend the models as well - Mother Boards (with/without) SBlaster. - SD

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