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Banned substance - Thiourea

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 22 08:57:08 EST 2005 | davef

Immersion metal baths also rely on alchemy-like magic. If you take a piece of copper and dip it into an aqueous solution of silver ions: Presto Chango! Within seconds the copper will be coated with silver. Of course, there is some additional magic re

Necessity of ROSE in commercial quality processes

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 27 13:02:13 EST 2006 | masrimhd

Hi, Thank you for your answers. But I want to explain some points on which I would appreciate any comment: * Having calibrated the process, we intend to carry out the ROSE test just on SAMPLES of the finished boards. Lets say one every hour. I exp

Necessity of ROSE in commercial quality processes

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 27 17:08:15 EST 2006 | GS

3,5 ugr/cm2 NaCl) or power components, or Raw PCB. Nothing with the solder process or fluxes. Ion Chromatography analysis was necessary to help understanding of contamination origin. When occasionally we run TIC on a NC assembled PBA (Paste ROL0 or

Cleaning procedure when WS609 flux is used

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 21 19:22:38 EST 2008 | davef

In your situation, the issue is the compatibility of your flux residues and the encapsulant that you choose. First, contact your encapsulant supplier for advice. They've likely been down this road with other customers and may be able so save you som

Ionic contamination vs selective soldering ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 17 18:37:59 EDT 2008 | aqueous

We manufacture both bulk and localized ionic contamination testers. My answer is from the perspective of the cleanliness testing method. The issue with all bulk ionic contamination testers (Ionagraph, Omegameter, Zero-Ion), is that they test the en

Contamination test

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 21:03:44 EDT 2001 | davef

You should specify the level of res based on the effect of the res on the end-use of the product. J-STD-001 defines cleanliness requirements for ALL flux types, including water soluble and no-clean that you mention. 1 There is no equivalency betwee

Re: More informations on water clean for CSP/BGA package

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 06 12:03:12 EDT 1999 | Graham Naisbitt

Hi, Help! Could anyone help to enlighten me on this? Question: If I have a CSP/BGA package of size X by Y and the standoff gap between the component and PCB is Z, What is the maximum allowable Y/Z or X/Z that using a n

Re: white residue

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 27 23:29:28 EST 1999 | parag palshikar

i am working with the noclean process and getting white residues on the bottomside of the board probably due to the wave soldering flux.i am using a no-clean solder paste and a noclean wave solder flux.The boards passed the accelerated tempe

What is the acceptable Halide content of

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 25 21:13:12 EST 2002 | davef

No, none of us can tell you what is the acceptable level of halide content or contamination in flux residue. The level of harmful residues on your product helps determine the reliability of your product. We know nothing of your product, its custome


Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 06 12:24:03 EST 2002 | Mike Konrad

Military and most commercial standards requires post-soldered boards to measure less than 10 �g/in of NaCl (14 when using an Omegameter, 20 on a Ionagraph, and 37 on a Zero-Ion). As Dave stated, 6.5 �g/in of NaCl is called out in Mil-P-55110 for ba

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