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Post reflow cleaning

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 24 06:56:46 EST 2004 | jdumont

We clean some of our boards because we are in the medical and military industries.

PCB post reflow cleaning

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 25 15:17:06 EST 2004 | davef

Residues from what type of flux are you cleaning?

batch aqueous cleaning equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 26 09:58:34 EDT 2007 | ccross

I am looking for a batch aqueous cleaning system and am looking for equipment recommendations. Thanks

Note for cleaning process

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 26 11:16:37 EDT 2008 | realchunks

Do you really want to try and wash a "no-clean" paste?

Missprint PCB cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 18 20:19:12 EDT 2008 | davef

What paste are you cleaning from the board?

PCB cleaning system

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 17 09:12:59 EDT 2017 | barryg

Anyone recommend a good Batch type PCB cleaning system that has some cleanliness test capabilities?

cleaning NO clean

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 04 23:55:10 EDT 2002 | jersbo

aight... Ive read the SMT archives... Ive got issues,,, 25 boards WS boards with NC on them HOw do I clean them? Used Everkleen in Prewash and wash in a dishwasher , cleaned most of the NC flux off but I have residuals. especially on the fine pitch

ultra sonic cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 02 03:12:31 EDT 2003 | Joanna

We have been having problems with solder paste balls around fine pitch ICs and have decided that cleaning the boards in an ultra sonic cleaner may reomove these solder balls. However we are worried that the ultrasonic cleaning process may damage the

cleaning NO clean

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 10 22:29:01 EDT 2002 | scottefiske

Many times after initially cleaning in the solvents recommended by the paste/material manufacturer, a light white haze may still be visable...try using a soft bristle brush to remove the remaining residues. By this time the residues that remain will

PCB post reflow cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 22 10:35:04 EST 2004 | jdumont

Just wondering what everyone's ideas are on the best cleaning chemistries for post reflow cleaning. I (like everyone) am looking for the most bang for the buck. Ive tried the big names, just looking for some input on anything else thats out there. Th

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