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Conformal Coat Masking

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 04 10:28:55 EDT 2003 | jseagle

Dave, Where can I get the rubber boots you are talking about? We are going to have to start doing 100% conformal coating of boards for some of our customers in high volume, we currently only do a selective coat. We currently use a silicon coating,

Conformal Coating Height Inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 06 09:27:54 EDT 2005 | Amol

measure the board thickness before coat by a screw gauge, and then after, when the coating has fully cured. this works well for a single side coat. once your wet to dry thickness is down, you can spray to a particular thickness wet and be reasonably

A concern about conformal coating height

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 06 10:08:21 EDT 2007 | blnorman

The coating thickness is more a property of the individual coating itself. The 0.03 - 0.13 is based on average properties of acrylics in general. It's like trying to pour 3 mils of motor oil on a table. The material will find it's own thickness.

ESD considerations during Conformal Coating?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 29 23:19:46 EDT 2009 | isd_jwendell

I too have heard of the ESD problem when using aerosol spray conformal coating, but I haven't found any documentation. I have been spraying SR conformal coating for ~ 10,000 boards with no failures due to the coating. The person spraying is grounded

Conformal Coating Flexible PCBs

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 13 11:14:41 EST 2020 | amitshir9

Conformal coating is a protective polymer film or chemical coating that seals off the vulnerable circuits. I've used the conformal coating flexible PCB from Capel Technology Co.Ltd and there are many types of circuit board produced used by conformal

TS-2414-V Insulating Varnish

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 01 12:58:07 EDT 2019 | davef

Look at: * Conformal Coating 101 - https://www.smta.org/chapters/files/UpperMidwest_BTW_Conformal_Coating_June_27th_2012.pdf * IPC Conformal Coating Course - https://edge.ipc.org/course/conformal-coating * IPC-CC-830: Qualification and Performance

Conformal Coating Process Control & Inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 13 11:21:52 EDT 2020 | dontfeedphils

1) Viscosity measurement of the coating prior to spray, spraying and charting metal coupons for sprayed and cured thickness of the coating at various points of the conformal coat run 2) Yes, manual inspection 3) No, it wasn't able to inspect with t

Conformal Coating Issues

Electronics Forum | Wed May 09 03:13:06 EDT 2012 | umar

I had send my coating board to the test lab for adhesion coating test. 3 times send, the result 3times fail. The coating chemical use is Humiseal 1B31. The process is clean the boards at washing process use the Vigon A200 saponifier mix with DI wate

Re: Parylene Coating of Plastic Parts

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 05 06:58:04 EDT 1999 | Graham Naisbitt

Has anyone out there tried to parylene coat plastic parts prior to soldering them to a pcb? I'm looking at several potential applications where fewer than 5% of my components on a pcb are plastic, yet from a reliability aspect (environmental co

Cleaning before Conformal Coating

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 09 15:03:46 EDT 2005 | Amol

Hi, I am running a circuit board that needs a part to be put on it after cleaning and before conformal coating. the only problem is that after cleaning and hand assembly of the part, there is a thin whitish residue in the ckt board that one can see w

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