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SMT Connectors: Corner legs lifts.

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 17 11:40:36 EST 2020 | davef

Try preheating the connectors

Minimum tension to be maintained in SMT stencil - Any Standards

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 23 21:50:08 EST 2020 | sssamw

Read 35-55 @ 5 position, 4 corner and 1 center.

3-Phase Corner-Grounded Delta & GSM

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 03 20:35:29 EDT 2020 | ttheis

We are looking at moving into a building that has drops from a three-phase 240V delta, corner grounded transformer. They currently have a lot of 230V Bridgeport milling machines and other motor operated equipment on this transformer. We are coming fr

Bow and twist of PCB's

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 20 07:30:14 EDT 2001 | wbu

In short: the measured deviation / the length this deviation occurs * 100% = % of deviation Actually we encounter mostly "twist" so we put the board on a flat surface, hold it down at the corners to see if any of the corners lifts, measure the heig

Re: Reading New Postings (locked into admin corner!)

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 21 11:37:47 EST 1999 | Clifford Peaslee @ SMTnet

Wayne, I'm sure you noticed, but I inadvertantly made it very difficult to view the smt forum, after you come in to the admin corner. The "memory" has many benefits, but it is more difficult to maintain. I have fixed it. Any other problems please le


Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 30 09:33:55 EDT 2005 | Slaine

whats the actual failure mechanisum your seeing which balls on the BGAs? my bet is its the ones on the corners, this is mainly due the the large heatsink on the top of the BGA when it starts to get hot it acts as a bi-metalic strip and lifts the corn

Why does my solder joints look so wrinkled?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 20 06:03:23 EDT 2005 | Slaine

during the soldering process on larger BGAs the corners can bend up or down due the large copper heatsink on top expanding quicker than the material the bga is made out of, in the worst cases this can lead to to the balls lifting out of the paste and

Matrix Tray

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 21 08:30:13 EST 2005 | jax

"aj" you should find your way to a training class. The measurement is from the zero point of the tray feeder( almost always the feeder slot pin giude that the center guide of the tray holder hits...located in the machine ). It is not the same as nest

Bga failure

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 02 19:04:53 EDT 2006 | DC

We had a issue on the SBGA and found stress built up at the corner of the SBGA after cool down to room temperature. It is confirmed by the warpage analysis. I expected that the stress caused by the heat spreader and the epoxy to the copper frame. O

Universal Instruments Radial Inserter

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 13 14:11:14 EDT 2007 | jeffharley

Slot 11 in the I/O box is the one for B.E.C. pcb, the offset is 2125 in the x and 500 in the y axis. The template for the B.E.C. is triangle in shape and is the length from corner to corner on the rotary table. You can also type in sh sys and look to

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