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Dek265 GSX Vision hardware error

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 24 15:01:09 EST 2019 | dekhead


DEK 248 cant control speed of squeegee

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 01 21:39:51 EST 2021 | dekhead

Most probable is encoder feedback failure... check encoder connections.

DEK 248 cant control speed of squeegee

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 01 21:47:26 EST 2021 | petter

Thank you for quick reply, will check this :)

DEK API Camera Vision issue

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 09 14:41:55 EST 2018 | bsyeo

Hi All, Need some help on this. We have a strange problem with our Dek API. There is no camera vision but everything is able to initialize well. The vision works occassionally but most of the time it does not. We have checked the nextmove card, int


Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 01 13:14:10 EDT 2004 | dorklover664

The MPM's are the Yugo's. You can fix anything on it with duck tape and a rubber band. I would go with the DEK. They are user friendly and reliable. Just make sure that if you are running double-sided boards to look into good push-up pins. They have

Dek Camera

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 10 04:12:01 EST 2005 | aj

Guys, I have a Dek Mk1-similiar to 265. I am having some intermittent problems with the Camera. The signal gets all fuzzy every now and again, by me disconnecting the power and reconnecting it works fine again . They are quite expensive to replace

DEK 2D Inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 03 09:19:10 EDT 2005 | John S.

We've been using Horizon 01's for a couple of years. We use the advanced 2d board and stencil to setup process control through QC-Calc. It works very well, but you must put the time into setting it up. Ask DEK if they can get you a manual for thei

Pump Stencil

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 19 10:18:44 EST 2007 | Simon C

Hi, We have at DEK printed paste through a Pumprint stencil onto clinched leads, but there will be limitations depending on the product. If you can send a sample loaded board to me indicating where you want paste deposits then I can certainly take a

DEK248 schematic

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 15 16:33:13 EST 2011 | dilogic

Our DEK248 started to behave oddly - squeegee speed can't be controller anymore. It always moves with max.speeed or something close to that, regardless of the current settings. Also, the table sometimes shoots out with very high speed. I am suspectin

Dek Infinity- Automatic Screen Changer does not load the screen in the correct position.

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 19 12:36:01 EST 2013 | youngbuck

DEK Infinity-Does anyone have any information on why the automatic screen changer would load the same screen in a different position everytime you load and unload? We constantly have to do a search step for the fiducial and most of the time it will e

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