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Flex board pallet

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 27 12:49:39 EDT 2006 | SWAG

We use same methods of PCB attachment to carrier as Rob lists. To be more specific on pocket size, we machine our durostone carriers so there is 0.010 inch gap around perimeter of board. This might seem like a lot but (from my experience) you will

Resonator Cracking

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 19 21:42:51 EST 2007 | jwsmt

I'll e-mail pics to you. Answers to asumptions: * Flex in end-item use was measured at 410 microstrain * Supplier PPM last 12 mos less than 1 * Part goes through 2 reflow cycles; once on top and once on bottom * ICT microstrain was 1365; reduced to

Best way to ensure max solder load on SOIC w Thermal Pad

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 16:19:51 EST 2010 | davef

The 5 thou standoff of your SOIC is probably the minimum. We wouldn't be surprised to see 10 thou. With this, you could have maybe a 6 thou gap between printed solder paste and the bottom of the heat slug. So, you're expecting the rabbit ears of p

rigid-Flex board via problems

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 12 20:11:25 EST 2012 | davef

Isola water pressure. Between a 210°C normal tin lead cycle and a 250°C lead-free assembly cycle, the vapor pressure doubles. Reflow temperature [*C] Vapor pressure of water [psi] 150 100 200 225 210 260 220 320 230 400 240 480 250 580 300 1

Pad cratering

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 23 05:40:58 EDT 2012 | franks

We are having a problem with a 601 pin BGA in that the corners of the BGA are lifting and taking the pads with them. Faults are not always seen straight away so we are not sure at which point the fault is happening. So far it looks as though flexing

Temperature Profile for 0.2mm Thick ENIG Flex PCB

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 30 07:09:34 EST 2020 | jineshjpr

Hi All, I'm using 8 zone reflow for ROHS 0.2mm Thick PCB soldering, but Micro BGA shows voids more than 25%. Is there anybody can suggest for better solder profile. paste- aim m8, SAC 305, T4, Soaking (150-200) - tried 90s, 60s, 45s; TAL (>217)-

Re: Wave Soldering Moisture Sensitive Devices

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 10 14:16:06 EDT 1998 | Bob Willis

As Steve said there should not be a problem with cracking plastic components but if you are reaching 180c there will be a problem with secondary reflow on the top side of the board. PCBs flex during wave soldering as they do during reflow if not supp

Flexi boards and uBGA

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 06 13:36:37 EDT 2006 | SWAG

We've had much trouble with flex circuits. As previously mentioned, you must have local fids for the board or the BGA itself (if panelized). Other troubles we experience are drilled holes for pinned connectors. Unless the PCB manufactur has some w

Need help on selecting the SMT equipment for small volume

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 20 12:48:50 EDT 2005 | danhui888

Dear All, I'm looking for the complete SMT > equiment line (solder printer, P&P, Reflow) uses > for the small volume production line. I happen to > know that Manncorp and APSGold can provide the > complete ST line, but I haven't hear and use > t

Plating Into Solution

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 04 11:01:46 EDT 2010 | ooskii

I have a question concerning what plating will go into solution during the reflow process. I am soldering a small piece of ceramic (120x180 mils 7 mil thick) onto a flex circuit. I am seeing some fractures that I am sure are being caused by handlin

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