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Wave Changeover-Hints -Tips?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 16 03:49:37 EDT 2006 | aj

Hi , we are switching to Alphas SACX Alloy. We are really going with supplier recommendations here and some data that we received on its performance. The cost which is 30% cheaper than SAC alloy with all the benefits of SAC alloy. aj...

SMT optimization and improvement

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 04:28:19 EST 2007 | shrikant borkar

hi We are in to Starting New Line CM212A and CM212D at Present Our BM123 is giving 13000 cph, Rated CPH 30,000 This Thread will help me. Thanks Shrikantborkar@gmail.com

Poor soldering on fine pitch?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 14 13:37:23 EDT 2006 | grantp

Hi, We have just started running this Koki paste and it's working really well. Funny, the joints are a lot more shiny than I expected. Grant

SMT component life spend.

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 20 21:18:11 EDT 2006 | ec

Hi, We have a new product need to run very urgent and there is a capacitor brought stated was manufactured in year 2004. Pls advise can we use this capacitor......and what is the recommended..... Apprecaite your input.....

SAC copper level control

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 27 10:02:24 EDT 2006 | aj

Hi, We are using SACX and have not noticed any rise in copper. I do know that there are Solder Bars available without the Copper to try and bring the level under control. aj...

dynamic/static contamination test

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 02 05:48:13 EST 2006 | asoe

Hi, we are looking for a contamination tester in this stage however it looks there is 2 ways of removing residuce from PWB: static and dynamic. Both introduce their advantage to me and cause me further confusing.I am not anyone here will have tried

Really need Omniflow 7 replacement cooling zone blower motor!!

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 22 05:48:29 EST 2006 | maxinorper

Hi, We have refurbished blowers. Cleaned them, changed bearings, capacitor. These parts are standard parts, you will find them in "any" hardware store and Radio Shack type dealers.

Jammed Fuji CP65 Nozzles?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 11:02:19 EST 2007 | rmitchell

Hi, We think the problem was the z orgin on the X,Y, table. After calibration and adjusting the proper things are much better. Thanks to everyone. Rob

Placement Equipment and Long Boards

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 13 10:57:50 EDT 2007 | bigguy

hi we have an Essemtec FLX 2010 L that has a large board capacity of 600x700mm(23.6x27.5")

For those of you with MYDATA machines in Central USA???

Electronics Forum | Sun May 06 14:46:27 EDT 2007 | grantp

Hi, We just had our local distributor do it for us, and they had a tech. Grant

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