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Operation userinterface of the machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 10 09:00:08 EST 1998 | Yoshi

Some placement machines has WindowsNT userinterface,and some has another type of userinterface. Although I think the WindowsNT is better for engineers, it seems not so friendly for some machine operator. How much is the WindowsNT important to chose t

Reduction of solder paste usage

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 05 11:04:14 EST 2007 | Yngwie

We are exploring ways to reduce the waste of solder paste. Here are some of the ideas I have in mind: 1) To use paste supplied in Syringe instead of jar. Paste that are opened more than 8 hours will normally be discarded, so we are looking for ways

failure of ESD sensitive chips

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 10 08:53:54 EDT 2005 | rsmith@z-mar.com

The most important thing you can do is to maintain the same electrical potential between the ESD-S product, the operator and the worksurface. This is typically achieved through a grounded dissipative worksurface and an operator grounded via a wrist s

Contamination of the cleaning agent

Electronics Forum | Mon May 09 13:55:33 EDT 2016 | dyoungquist

Omega Aqua Clean LPH. The flux we use in our selective solder process is Kester 2235. Our process cleans water soluble flux very well if cleaned within 24 hours of the boards being processed. We have sent boards off for cleanliness testing per sta

Cost of X-Ray Inspection Equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 10:27:26 EDT 2001 | floydl

We have a modest operation and are seriously considering adding x-ray inspection systems. How much will it cost to setup an X-Ray Inspection Station? What training resources are available? What can we expect to spend to train inspectors?

Desoldering of TSOP and TSOJ

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 08 02:27:00 EST 1999 | Kwang-Seong Choi

HI! I am a package engineer in Korea. I have some reasons to desolder excessive solder at the lead of TSOP and TSOJ after removing them from the board. The way with solder wick is too time-consuming and depends on the operator. Does anyone know the

Stock footage of SMT process?

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 20 22:06:19 EST 2007 | davef

Many equipment suppliers provide vids of their equipment operation as part of their sales pitch. Maybe contacting equipment sales representatives in the Bay Area would get some help for your project.

Question of delamination in PCB

Electronics Forum | Sat May 02 08:48:32 EDT 2009 | davef

You have a board defect. Any moisture and/or organic contaminants trapped by the solder resist during lamination may cause solder mask delamination, blistering and/or adhesion loss during subsequent soldering operations or during extended use.

Bow and twist of PCB's

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 20 05:32:39 EDT 2001 | dougie

Hi, I've just splashed out �60 on IPC-A-600F trying to find out the formula for measuring the bow and twist of raw PCB's. Much to my dismay there are 10 lines on the subject in the whole standard. Worse still is that it tells me nothing I don't alre

Re: Modification of Fuji machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 26 18:50:55 EST 1998 | Phillip Hunter

We currently using the Panasert SMT machine where PCB flow direction were from right to left, & we are planning to move in the FUJI -CP3 & CP4-2 in line where standard PCB flow direction were left to right. Any comment on FUJI machine modif

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