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Matrix Tray Holder

Electronics Forum | Thu May 10 13:53:36 EDT 2001 | stefwitt

If you get the price for the tray and holder from Siemens you will follow Dave's recommendation. To get the 0 point for the tray ( from where you measure the first pick position )you set up the tray on the 7th track ( type 51 ). After you sent the da

SMT Disasters

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 07 09:00:50 EDT 2008 | josh_brubaker

These images are of two melted matrix trays, full of BGA components, which were left to bake in an oven over the weekend. The oven temperature controller was not checked after a recent power failure and reached a temperature of 715�F. The two trays m

Samsung SMT Machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 20 13:09:42 EDT 2008 | jim5926

Yes we are operating two SM 421 with side tray changer and they are great machines. We have had no trouble with them and the service from Dynatech has been great.

Juki pick and place ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 21 15:30:28 EDT 2008 | jamyboy

Juki is a great way to go as far as reliability the Jukis are bullet proof. Change overs are much like other Japanese machines if you have the feeder carts, tray changer and stay away from Vibratory feeders you will be successful with this platform i


Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 27 10:12:51 EST 2012 | acsscott

OK, Used specialist to enter the machine config at power up. We don't have a Tray Changer option listed.

Matrix Trays

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 19 15:45:45 EDT 2005 | DannyJ

I usually like to have all the trays use pin 1 in a certain direction. In other words, as you are on the operating side of the machine, all the pin 1's should be on the lower left of the tray. With operators, the KISS principle seems to be necessar

Matrix Tray

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 21 04:00:38 EST 2005 | geb

I have a Universal GSM1. I'm trying to add a new 6*16 matrix feeder. Does anyone know what the pickup X & Y refers to in the Pickup Information section. I've looked at an 8*20 and it says x=-38.5 , y=-28.3, but its not clear where it expects zero to

Re: Hey Guys, you gotta check this out!

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 26 13:19:29 EDT 1999 | Dave F

Hey Guys! Look what I get to try and do this week! I got handed a cardboard box on Friday afternoon with the parts and 20 of these little jewels! That's both sides of the board by the way... bla-bla-bla Sure you don't wanna take this o

Vacuum Pick up Tool

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 24 12:30:20 EDT 2003 | cyber_wolf

Can anyone give a good manufacturer of hand held vacuum pick up tools? I have tried most of the common ones out there.(Vampire,Pen Vac,Selecta)They seem to work OK, but they still lose vacuum and drop parts after a couple seconds. We just got in a ne

Matrix Tray Setup

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 30 14:51:50 EST 2009 | gantry

Craig - It has been quite a while but from what I remember you teach the tray holder in teach table top. Then you have to put the part/tray on the the tray holder. Also, ensure the part is in your program. I don't remember where to do that but I

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