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Time and temp in lead and lead-free reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 04 09:30:16 EDT 2008 | grics

If you have concerns, you can look at the datasheet for each component or contact one of their application or materials engineers and find out what the components are rated for...process-wise. IE, how long can I be in the oven with this part, at what

Leaded and Lead-Free Wave Parameters

Electronics Forum | Wed May 21 13:59:19 EDT 2008 | pjc

Here's what I've seen for no-clean flux applications: Leaded: Dwell Time is? 2 - 3 seconds Top side board temp max? If some small SMT parts reflow are we too hot? 110 to 120C top side board temp just before hitting the wave(s) Pot temp. 245C Lea

Leaded and Lead-Free Wave Parameters

Electronics Forum | Thu May 22 16:52:39 EDT 2008 | tonyamenson

Indium got back to me with the attached PDF. I always assumed, that in order to avoid thermal shock, there could not be any more than 80 degrees C difference between the solder pot and the pre-heated board. However, it would seem that any thing le

01005 components and reflow profiles

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 19:50:33 EDT 2012 | action_101

Hello, We're building some boards with 01005's and the only issue we are running into is the solder is not reflowing. It's the damnest thing, we are having no issues with the printing process or placing the components, the two areas we thought we wo

Leaded and Lead-Free Wave Parameters

Electronics Forum | Fri May 23 18:55:20 EDT 2008 | gregoryyork

This is one of the biggest mistakes with the Lead Free process. We have all listened to the 'industry experts' and followed their advice and unfortunately got it wrong. Keep the dwell times (dependant on alloy selection) the same as Leaded so you are

Cracking Capacitors and Solder Balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 08 14:19:30 EDT 1998 | Gary Simbulan

Earl, et al, Boy things get old and cold around here fast. I promised more detail on my capactior problem and I thought I could drop something completely different in the same message and tell a tale of solder balls. First the caps. We still have

The truth about lead-free and environment

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 24 13:25:24 EST 2006 | patrickbruneel

See Samir that's what happens if you go too lead-free seminars, they feed you crap. If they served you lunch with bismuth chips its time you see a doctor or you end up like WML. By the way any takers?? Who in this forum volunteers to be the first to

Re: European Union and Lead-Free assemblies

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 08 21:23:37 EDT 1999 | Dave F

Can anyone lead me to good information on when and how European Union is going to implement it's lead-free directives. I have heard 2002 and 2004 as possible dates. Try:

The truth about lead-free and environment

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 24 13:05:08 EST 2006 | samir

Patrick, I learned at a Lead-Free seminar, where the seminar lecturer was a proponent of Bismuth in soldering, that Bismuth is actually "safe to eat" and is one of the few non-toxic metals around.

The truth about lead-free and environment

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 24 14:51:27 EST 2006 | samir

I'd like a volunteer to have the 1st 100% RoHS WEEE Lead-Free pacemaker inserted in their bodies to regulate the heart!

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