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Quad IQ feeder does not exist error

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 17 05:21:50 EDT 2013 | navbill

Hi, We have QSV-1 machines with stock Quad IQ feeders (8 pins). Some of these feeders will produce a "feeder does not exist" error on both the pick and place machine as well as the OLS station. Is this a problem that can be fixed by us or do the f

Quad QSV-1 failed during production run

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 09 19:16:22 EST 2014 | navworx

Was running production when the head just came to a stop, motor went off, error window said to home. Upon attempting to home, got message: G1T2 homing error; index mark not found. I've tried rebooting the machine, but this error still appears. Any

Quad QSV-1

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 08 15:09:17 EDT 2015 | bobpan

Your UPS did not shut down properly....reset it by going in through the bottom right side cover (exit end of the machine) and press the reset button on the ups. The machine should then work properly. Next is why the fiducial froze up. If you mistyped

Quad QSV-1

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 08:22:19 EDT 2015 | bobpan

Sounds like the battery or batteries inside are dead. You can just plug the input and the output on the back of the unit into each other. The ups is not needed on the machine and was only used so that you can shut down the computer properly incase th

Large Board Assembly

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 09 09:05:24 EDT 2001 | fszypula

Good morning. Tyco who now carries the Quad line of products offers the QSV-1 an inline machine that can do a 18" wide by 20" long PCB. With modifications the machine can do up to a 30" x 48" PCB with upward looking inspection without upward inspec

QSV-1 software problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 07 12:07:08 EDT 2004 | stevecrowley

Good day all, We recently replaced the CTU and RTU hard drives and re-loaded the Q-soft2 application. We now get an error message on the GUI saying Qserve.vxd hooking error #4 . During the process we tested the shared RAM and when the GUI sends a m

quad 1000 error

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 06 13:16:49 EST 2006 | mazink

Hello BOb, Sorry, I wasn't getting your responed because i wasn't log in completlt. I sent an email yesterday which is as follow.. I have a quad machine (QSV 1 PLUS) here and I been having problem with it since 2 month. massege keep coming says 1) B

QSoft importing Cad Data

Electronics Forum | Mon May 19 15:42:37 EDT 2008 | torch

hey folks, just finished a quick 4 day training course on our 2nd user Quad QSV-1 and will probably have more questions later on but for now can someone confirm that qsoft needs its theta data in + numbers and cannot handle - theta figures? what i m

Fiducial Recognition

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 14 20:54:57 EDT 2012 | deanm

We have a Quad QSV-1 and have had some trouble with it reading 0.040" fiducials. Our work is very low volume so we just manually spot the ones it can't read. We do not clean the fiducials. Instead we increased the fiducial size to 0.060" and it has b

Pick N Place Machine 550mm length PCB

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 19 06:52:34 EDT 2013 | deanm

A Quad QSV-1 can do up to 18x24in. You can get these on the used market or buy a completely refurbished (like new) machine from Precision Placement Machines (PPM). I do not represent this company or am in any way affiliated with them, although they d

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