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Zero flux or paste spattering?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 14 06:42:38 EST 2004 | tommy

We see spattered(spitting of flux or solder to nearby area) solder/flux on gold fingers.We view the gold fingers area under 30x before reflow and it is cleaned but after reflow we see flux droplets or solder on gold fingers. We tried to changed a new

Conformal coating (again)

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 11 11:53:42 EST 2004 | Maryann

Our company strictly does selective conformal coating applications for the customer. We will quite often see one side looks great, and the other side doesn't. We often see dewetting around holes, and have found this can be a possible flux build up. A

Stencil Tension

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 08:26:40 EDT 2004 | curious

What are the defects you see when the stencil is over 50 n/cm? I can't recall ever seeing a (stencil caused) defect that wasn't a dent, ding or some other physical damage, and I would have a very hard time sending back a stencil that is working fine,


Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 25 08:23:15 EST 2004 | davef

See, you never should have purchased that xray machine. Look at the mess you've got yourself into now. ;-) Enough recrimination. What you're seeing is not surprising, not that that makes it correct. If you're seeing voids something is wrong with


Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 07 09:44:49 EST 2005 | anonomous

The machine sees a magazine, but with wrong number. somehow one (maybe more) wire from the magazine bus does not reach slot 3, as the other slots work, there is probably not a short, as the magazine bus work for other slots, the problem is probably i

Tombstoning 0306's

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 09 11:24:31 EDT 2005 | stepheniii

Talk to your paste supplier. The reps for a couple of pastes have been very helpfull on various problems. And I've seen pastes advertised as being good for reducing tombstoning. And they see lots of customers and therefore see lots of problems and

temperature induced IMC in wire bonds?

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 15 12:21:20 EST 2005 | arclightzero

Well, I can't speak for them falling off later on, as that's not when I see them, and they are passing their wire pull tests after bonding. What I am seeing is electrical opens during testing, and these opens coincide with the Au/Al bonded points. Th

BGA inspection microscope

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 06 15:04:50 EST 2005 | solderiron

Thats because Glenbrook Reps both. The Ersascope was the original and still is the best bang for the buck. How do you know if you have flux residue under the bga without seeing it. Show me an xray system that can see flux residue? Again, this is a PR

Squeegee angles

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 13 18:06:35 EST 2006 | slthomas

So, if 45� is theoretically optimal for aperture fill, but 60� is better for defining fine pitch bricks, is 52.5� the best compromise for an all around design, or does it not work that way? I see blades with either one angle or the other but with th

Competing in the global economy

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 11:53:12 EDT 2007 | Cal

I am part of the intern and Coop program here at work and see a trend of students doing just the opposite of getting a degree and going off to work for cash. We are seeing students taking up dual majors...1 in eng and 1 in Business. They understand

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