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Solder balls on pads - lead free

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 18 21:48:26 EDT 2012 | vergara1

Sorry. I don't see any solder balls. > > To me, it > looks like the solder wetted the pad and then > pulled back. It's called dewetting. It's a > defect. Ask your supplier for a SEM analysis. I'm > interested to know what he / she says. I see

Solder balls

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 24 14:34:13 EDT 2004 | tjensen

There are many factors that can lead to solder balls. Since you have just recently seen this start to occur, it is obvious something has changed in the product or your process. Since we don't have a lot of details about your process, I would sugges

Solder Balls

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 04 06:22:07 EDT 2000 | Neil Stoddart

Help. We are moving to a no clean solder paste and have the following concerns regarding solder balls. What standards are currently being followed concerning solder balls on SMT assemblies? Are these standards realistic and can they be easily achie

solder balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 16 15:49:33 EDT 2001 | Steve

The solder balls you are talking about are caused by too much paste. Reduce the size of the stencil aperatures. Concerning removing the solder balls, the first thing you need to ask yourself is, do I need to remove them. IPC-610, 12.4.10 states, "Ac

Solder Balls

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 17:39:34 EST 1999 | Dave Vulcano

Hello, Looking for some insight. We just finished a run and experienced a lot of solder balls. We used a no clean paste, nitrogen atmosphere reflow oven, and saw the solder balls on 1206 - 0805 chip components. All of the solder balls appeared and

Solder Balls on end of long pins

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 08 16:44:15 EDT 1999 | Rob Jankowski

I am wave soldering a single sided through hole PCB array with (6) .040" round diameter pins that sit .5" off the PCB, and .080" apart. The problem being experienced is that solderballs are appearing on the end of the pins. I have tried decreasing

Solder Balls

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 12 00:16:43 EDT 1998 | Ron Costa

Hello everyone, I am currently running a gold plated SMT board and am experiencing tiny solder balls between the pads and the masking between the 20 mil pitch devices. I'm looking at these boards with a 60x microscope. IPC-610 say's any visible solde

Solder balls

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 04 21:18:51 EDT 2004 | yukim


Solder Ball Criteria

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 23 15:43:31 EDT 2009 | seankim10

According to, it states that defected if Solder balls are not entrapped in no-clean residue or conformal coating. How do you define entrapment or how do you assess if the balls won't dislodge under normal product service environment? The sold


Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 29 08:24:55 EDT 2009 | davef

Commonly when we see solder balling, we think "too much paste." As a result, we pinch the apertures or change the shape to a "home plate." We don't think that's what's going on here. But what if this component has a thicker solder plating on its ter

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