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Universal Instruments 5423A Loader/Unloader Allen & Bradley SLC500 5/03 PLC Software ??

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 22 01:15:22 EDT 2017 | zsinstruments

Do you guys mind sharing what version software were you able to find if any? We are in the same boat, 5423A magazine buffer lost its SLC500 5/03 program. Universal tech said they don't have the correct version anymore. Any help is highly appreciated!

Universal Genesis Inline7

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 14 19:33:20 EST 2018 | reckless

When trying to save a program onto a floppy disk I get this error on the screen. The file was being continuously saved on HD but when I tried saving on the floppy as a backup all data was lost and there was no way to recover original file. What k

Re: Info on Universal Instruments?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 08 18:51:05 EDT 2000 | JAX

I haven't tried their chip shooters but I haven't found anything(SMT) that couldn't be placed by a GSM. They are very user friendly and come with good support. If you need specific answers to questions, feel free to ask.

Re: ISO Daphne Eponex Grease #2

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 31 10:02:20 EST 2000 | William

Mike: I get mine from Universal instruments. It's recomended for use with their equipment also. You also can get the Alvania #1 and #2, Rocol, etc. Bill Dampier

Re: Matrix Tray Feeders

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 25 15:34:24 EDT 1999 | Dave F

Parvez: Most people use matrix tray feeders supplied by the placement machine supplier. Are you saying that Universal Instruments doesn't have a feeder for 28 mil square matrix trays? I'm suprised!!!! Dave F

Key Production Indicators

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 18 11:11:35 EDT 2002 | davef

Universal Instruments charts five barriers to success 1. Nonconforming material reports 2. Parts shortages 3. Configuration changes 4. Miscellaneous - rework, software changes 5. Assembly errors

Universal Instruments parts policy

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 24 23:53:22 EDT 2002 | lysik

Sorry but a word from UIC'S worst fan. I ordered A new part from UIC today. This one was built in 1983. They had it in stock and sent it over night. God bless them.

Universal Instruments parts policy

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 25 03:09:35 EDT 2002 | TLe

God bless you, if you deal with manufacturer who don`t have the part in stock and you have to wait it 3wks.

need all

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 23 09:53:47 EST 2003 | Mark

Hi Tony, Contact Universal Instruments Remanufactured Machine Divsion at 607-779-5143. They have a full line of remanufactured SMT equipment from printers-placement-reflow ovens. These machines are sold and supported by the OEM and include warrant

Universal Instruments PPU Transferring programs?

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 27 11:44:01 EDT 2004 | Brian

00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 X E Any Ideas what we are doing wrong?

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