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Refurbished SMD equipment for sale

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 12 17:46:52 EST 1997 | Stefan Witte

Two pre-owned Siemens pick & place machines model MS102 for sale! The machines will be completely refurbished and calibrated. All feeder slots are filled with component feeders. I also offer machine installation, training and service. Asking price is

Applying past with CamAlot

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 22:48:21 EDT 2001 | dougk

Used an older model of the one you described. Have used Asymtech and Fuji's as well. The Camalot is accurate, reliable, and easy to program. The only things I disliked about it was that is was slower than the fuji's, and if the pressures weren't set

PCB Depanelizers

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 29 11:09:01 EDT 2001 | rmerk

Dave, We are using tab nibblers right now, but they have a hard time with round boards. FKN has a model(N200) that shears the tabs off. The cost is fairly low(3K). I just wanted to know if there are any other brands out there that might work on rou

Conceptronics Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 07 10:56:40 EST 2002 | bcaler

Who did you buy this oven from? What is the model number? I bought a used Conceptronic oven last year...It ran great when I saw the demo. But, when is arrived at our factory we found someone pulled out some relays and it wouldn't heat. Hope you h

Contract Manufacturing start up Business

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 11 12:37:36 EST 2002 | karachi999

Thanks for the advice. How much ball park expenses required in the Fiber Optics Cable and BGC setup. Di I need to have an ISO-9002 certification. Any suggestion for the Brand names and specific Models of equipment. Do these big competitors like Fle

QP-132E // FCM 2

Electronics Forum | Fri May 03 13:31:28 EDT 2002 | fastek

I agree with Sai regarding re-sale. It's night and day with Fuji vs. Philips. You can't imagine how cheap FCM-2's are going for these days. I've got a 2000 model with 200 hours on it (basically a new machine) and over 100 feeders available for very l

CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines)

Electronics Forum | Thu May 09 08:12:15 EDT 2002 | ianchan

Hi mate, think "GSI Lumonics" a Canada based mafg of laser orientated product-machines may be able to help you. we saw their SVS8200/8300(machine model) theory based demo. looks good enough to warrant the time and resources to evaluate their machi

Placement machine comparison

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 17 15:25:10 EDT 2002 | lysik

I would look at Universal for sure. They have a ton of late model Chip placer's and GSM's that they will discount heavy. There are so many used GSM's and HSP's on the market you could probably get what you need for a fraction of the cost. You could p

Super M.O.L.E or Slim KIC 2000 for oven profiling?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 30 14:07:01 EDT 2002 | cnoonan

Slim KIC would be my choice out of these two vendors. I have worked with several different makes and models and I would say DataPaq was my favorite. But it all depends on your needs and budget. They can all get the job done. Good luck with your

Big Board Production

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 20 13:33:03 EDT 2002 | gregp

Contact Systems 3 series placement machines have a standard board size of 18 X 26 but machines have been made with a 24 X 26 board size as well. We have several different models to chose from depending on your budget and throughput requirements. Visi

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