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Component designator lengths

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 17 01:00:41 EDT 2002 | fdr4prez

Craig, If you have a Juki KE-750/760, or the newer KE-2000s, it will support 8 characters for the designator. The older models only support 5 characters. If you have a KE-750 and/or a KE-760 and you can only enter 5 chars, then call you local Juki

pcb board deflection when mounting component

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 06 12:52:28 EST 2002 | charlie

Check out one of the board suppport that are currently available: Grid-Lok, Formflex and others. These systems are available for many models of printers and P&P. They automatically set up to any board, first or second side, and provide excellent su

Cost estimating for benchmarking

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 12 19:55:14 EST 2002 | davef

Recognize that the cost of production changes substantially with factors such as: * Product maturity. * Production volume. * Product complexity. * Quality versus cost functions. So, in your benchmarking effort, consider baselining your data accordin

Essemtec CLM9000

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 08 03:42:04 EST 2003 | smdtech

Hi All, I'm going to bye ESSEMTEC Pick and Place machine model: clm9000.Can anyone give me som einfo about the machine, the equipment for it,does it work well,does the feeders work well,about accuracy,reliabillity or whatever I should know. If some

DEK 265 vision alignment...

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 17 02:51:21 EST 2003 | Scott B

We have also had this problem. I have managed to get around this by selecting a teach video model and positioning the teach window to include half the pad on the left and half the pad on the right so that the center point is bang in the middle of the

mirae pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 11 01:01:41 EDT 2003 | kadaba

we are evaluating mirae1025 pick and place machine along with mydata tp9-2u samsung cp45lv has any one got info on mirae and how do you rate this against the other two.. or alternatively should i include anu other similer model. i amd having not muc

How to add thru hole to SMT line

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 21 09:01:38 EDT 2003 | russ

Wave solder - Initially high cost but after that it is relatively cheap. Selective soldering with a solder pot such as the Air-Vac PCBRM models - Much lower cost than wave but if you get the right nozzles it is a great process. Solder preforms - s

Automation Equipment Registration Fees

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 13 15:13:49 EDT 2003 | larryk

Well, I really never understood why. It was a custom part for that model/make and they would of been the sole supplier. All I wanted was the new part number so I could purchase it. I know that the above posts are saying automoblies are not the same

Reflow Oven Recipes

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 05 00:07:31 EDT 2003 | iman

I concur, each PCB is unique is the characteristics area of the PCB, component qty, SMD types, component layout, PCB infeed direction, paste. It is generally a very good idea to treat each PCB model as a unique individual unit for optimize in the re

Fuji Recovery #

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 11 11:51:53 EDT 2003 | ServGuy

Personally, I'd run 1 time recovery, and depending on chip-shooter model, I'd use 2nd station parts detection on larger parts with error stop. The situation you decribe, a couple caps an hour would'nt stop the machine unless they came from the same f

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