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BGA rework: Coplanarity of Xilinx before and after reflow.

Electronics Forum | Mon May 16 15:53:17 EDT 2005 | adrian_nishimoto

This has been a problem with new components coming directly from vacuum sealed desiccant packed moisture barrier bags with moisture level cards. We have also baked all boards prior to the BGA rework to ensure no moisture issues were addressed.

Lead-free solder alloy:

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 15 13:36:07 EDT 2005 | Brian

If you do SMT with an SAC alloy, and the Wave Solder with SN100C, what is the impact of accidentally reworking the through hole parts with an SAC alloy wire solder? Or reworking the SAC alloy with an SN100C wire solder? Brian

BGA Rework Equipment

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 29 14:10:50 EDT 2005 | ppwlee

Has anyone done a comparison between the newer Metcal APR-5000 BGA rework and Airvac DRS24? Were there significant advantages of Airvac over the Metcal that justify the cost delta? Rgds, Pete

Cleaning Reworked BGA's.

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 02 15:13:09 EDT 2005 | Sandy B

I am looking for a method (Automated preferably) to clean any residue and or debris from a BGA after rework. Is it possible to clean them using an inline wash process, as long as the devices are intact and held correctly. What woudl be the correct m

Need Help for CCGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 31 22:09:16 EST 2005 | KEN

Why did you choose a 6 mil stencil? How do you plan to rework this device (what machine)? What is the heating method?

Rework of SMT components

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 29 22:16:43 EST 2005 | ams_gen

Hello, Could any body direct me to guidelines describing the best practices for rework of perimeter array components (such at SOIC's and QFP's) or may be share your opinion of the best approach to do this? Thanx, AMS

Rework of SMT components

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 30 08:00:59 EST 2005 | davef

Look here: http://www.circuittechctr.com/guides/guides.shtml Also consider IPC-7711/7721: Rework and Repair Guide

Rework of thru hole components

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 24 07:48:52 EST 2005 | ams_gen

Hello, I need to rework a thru hole DIP mounted on a metal backed FR4. It is difficult to remove the FR4 board from the metal back since it is riveted. Is there a simpler way to takle this? Thnx

Heat guns and component damage

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 31 13:41:12 EST 2006 | outgasser

We are currently experiencing problems with delamination during rework/2nd op activity on lead free. I am suspecting this is a result of the use of a heat gun to rework components. My assumption is that the high heat and time in area greatly increa


Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 06 08:58:29 EDT 2006 | russ

We do what you currently do for lead free rework. Why are you worried about copper dissolution? I think I'm missing something

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