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Re: Micropax Connector Repair (Through Hole Version)

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 17 12:34:33 EDT 1999 | John Dwinell

Ladies and Gentlemen, As a newly appointed DFM/CE "guru" here, one of my responsibilities has become repair (of course). As I have some knowledge of BGA repair/rework using semi-automated equipment, it naturally f

Re: IR Versus Hot Air - Put-Up Your Dukes

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 23 20:57:13 EDT 1999 | Dean

Jackie's posting recently and responses to it got me to dondering. First, recollecting, we bought an IR rework station a couple million years ago. It had a IR source on a stand, a bunch of lenses, and Reynolds aluminum foil for shielding near-by

Re: Air-Vac stuff

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 19 23:56:49 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

I'm trying a second time to post this very important message, to me, concerning Air-Vac's following creation. Does any own and use this stuff successfully to remove solder from 20 layer and up MLB's with .020" diameter holes? Also, is any of the

Re: Bga reballing

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 15:25:27 EDT 1999 | APE South, Jack Reed, Asian Sales Administrator

Dear Mr. Park, Ahn yahn haseo and good day to you. If you are currently in Korea, APE has a direct representative there, Omni-Create in Seoul who can give you full information on BGA reball kits available. Essentially, reball kits are custom made t

Re: Oooooh noooooo!!!

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 08 15:04:06 EDT 1999 | JohnW

Hi,my master How to iron out such soldering bridge with below conditions: 1.The component(Harness)lead pitch is 2.0mm,the lead length is 3.2mm. 2.PCB width is 1.6mm.Pad size is 1.65mm.Its a single copper PCB 3.using s

Re: Wave Solder Problems - VIA HOLES

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 03 22:18:36 EDT 1999 | Dave F

I'm encountering a new problem at my new company that I haven't encountered before in my past life - and that's Wave Soldering VIA holes. We've been getting a rash of defects that we call in this company, "insufficient solder in VIA hole." The

Re: Things I Like Without Endorsing

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 02 23:53:09 EDT 1999 | Dean

To you all for comment and summary, The following things I like without endorsing (PCB/PCBA stuff - outside the great women in my life [many] and without [mostly]): 1) A good set of design rules 2) A good set of design rules meeting pro

Re: Hand soldering rework fluxes

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 15 03:30:10 EST 1999 | Jeff Sanchez

Hi all, I thought I'd use this forum to ask a couple general questions on fluxes for manual operations: First - Is it OK to use a wave soldering type flux (specifically OA)? Thinking about activation temperatures and the ramp rate of the wav

Re: Is it possible to rework this BGA socket?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 06 23:01:48 EST 1999 | Dave F

Youse: This is SMTnet Steve. Sacrifice the socket. By the time you finish putzing-around removing the balls to get the socket off the board, replacing the lifted pads on the board, and reballing the socket; you've burnt the $100 that the socke

Re: Adapting Surface Mount IC's for Bread Boarding

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 21 20:58:11 EDT 1998 | Steve Gregory

Mike wrote: ...I did buy "Surfboards" built for this purpose but they averaged about $5.oo a piece, and when your running 20 trainers, and they still have to be soldered in place. $5 a test is kinda high when evaluating a 32 cent chip...(snip) Hi

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