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Way to solve PCB warpage

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 18 08:23:33 EST 2010 | remullis

I experienced warpage on a 7'x 13" long board, unfortunately my oven does not have center support. I use stiffeners on both of the short ends. It fixed my problem. Some of the things I was experiencing with the warpage on the second pass were placem

Patented Leadless, Fluxless Solder Alloy join different material

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 00:22:07 EST 2011 | yangloh

Dear Industry experts, We have just developed a leadless, fluxless solder that can join various metals ) Al, Cu, brass, Steel, stainless and Titanium) and Ceramics ( Ruby, Quartz, Sapphires, glass, TiO2, etc) We intend to explore electronics and

Solder balls on Ceramic

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 25 10:50:01 EDT 2011 | grahamcooper22

3 deg / sec) then the flux can slump from the paste and solder is carried with it off the pad and will form balls. Finally, are your pcbs dry ? Pass a bare one through the reflow oven before you print any paste on it, let it cool and then process as

Solder beading with PCB from different fab

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 01 02:56:18 EDT 2011 | grahamcooper22

the cause could be moisture in your pcbs. To check it...pass some bare pcbs through your reflow oven (this is a simple way of drying them out a bit), then paste and place and reflow as normal....if solder beads disappear then the pcbs have too much m

DPAK drop @Second reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue May 31 22:40:24 EDT 2011 | bejrananda

HI All, Please kindly advice me, I have project that it has DPAK part (MPN:SUD25N15-52 E3 Plating:100% Sn matte)which locate on bottom side (1st reflow), Good wetting for 1st reflow.. but .. when I run Top side (2nd reflow).I found that this D

I need to reduce costs on solder paste wasted

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 19 09:14:49 EDT 2011 | kahrpr

All I can tell you about what people do with solder paste at the end of the day or for the weekend is. What the manufacturer recommends. What people say in public? What companies actually do as far as reusing it? I am not passing judgment on 1 or 3

Universal conveyor help

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 29 19:45:23 EDT 2011 | edwaterfall01

The conveyor is programmed to turn off the belts and go into an error condition after 30 seconds if the board has not passed the output sensor on the conveyor. The intent is to indicate a board jam and prevent damage to the board or belts. On convey

Universal conveyor help

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 20 19:23:18 EDT 2011 | eadthem

As far as the buttons go, White = pause for inspection when depressed, lit when active Green = pass after inspection when lit you need to press the button, when flashing its waiting for the upline machine, Yellow/orange = when flashing indicates

BGA re-reflow

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 24 19:39:43 EST 2011 | dontfeedphils

I've reflowed many different size BGA's in an effort to better the connection and to help the board pass functional test. Using a middle of the road liquid flux and a convection spot rework machine and almost every time I would reflow a failed board


Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 05 23:10:25 EST 2012 | vinitverma

The algorithm only checks if all the 8 parts can be picked up by 8 heads without any mechanical interference during pickup or during rotation. In case if foresees any interference it divides them into two different charges instead of one. You can try

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