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Micro BGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 27 16:18:01 EDT 2013 | burstd

actually the SMT 88U might even be a better option. super fast cure time at low temperature with easy rework

BGA Rework affected by cold weather?

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 05 10:09:36 EST 2014 | robl

Hi Rob, Could be moisture getting into the boards or the BGAs or it could be drafts messing with the thermocouples measuring the heat at board level meaning you over cook it. Are you pre-baking the PCBAs & the BGAs before reworking and replacing?

BGA Repair information

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 12 14:20:44 EST 2014 | emeto

there are several ways: 1. Manual method- Remove the part using hot air gun, clean the pads, make a small stencil to re-ball the BGA and it is ready for placement. 2. Improved method - Use equipment dedicated for BGA rework 3. No hassle method - Giv

How to Differentiate Class 3 and Class 2 products in terms of process

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 06 06:56:26 EST 2015 | stivais

How about rework (touch-up) for Class 3? Some say that you are not allowed to rework anything for Class 3. Though I have not found any proof for this 'requirement' in the standards.

Freedom 3000 Conceptronics BGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 16 01:51:44 EST 2015 | hemant_pang23

Pls help for getting the spare part no TOP & Bottom heaters for the Conceptronics BGA Rework Freedom 3000

Leadfree Rework

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 29 09:31:19 EST 2015 | swag

We use tips I think they are like 725F. So the rework is probably mid 600's and up to 725 max. Can't say if that's "the best" but we do a lot of ROHS and that's we we do with good results.

Software For DRS 20 By ZEVAC Rework Station

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 16 02:55:43 EST 2015 | hmsahir4u

Dear Forum Members, I have needed that software for DRS-20 Model Rework Station by ZEVAC. Your kind cooperation will by highly appreciated.

LGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 31 08:18:32 EDT 2015 | philc

There is a useful PDF on the Freescale website about reworking LGA's that you might find helpful. It's at cache.freescale.com/files/32bit/doc/package_info/AN2920.pdf

conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 17 08:52:03 EDT 2015 | charliedci

Thanks for the info Sarason. The UVCL is a Urethane. Did not want that hard of finish (for solder rework issues). We like the Acrylic as acetone will remove cured material for solder rework.

Rework support in the Portland Oregon area

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 20 12:38:29 EDT 2015 | wjongenelen

My company is looking for rework support to handle design prototype needs. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Will

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