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BGA ziff socket rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 30 03:33:07 EDT 2004 | tuner73

Is anyone out there reworking the AMP BGA ziff sockets? AMP's recommendation is that it cannot be reworked. I have successfully reworked the 604 ball version of this socket, but I am having problems with the 603 ball version. I am using an Air-Vac

Air-Vac DRS24

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 15 07:23:06 EDT 2005 | Ramon Urrutia

We are Global Sourcing Specialists Ltd, buyers and exporters of redundant stock. We have a Zevac DRS 24 and 22 for sale if you are interested. Please contact ramon.urrutia@btconnect.com or ring/fax:4401291423861 Both machines are in good working orde


Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 15 09:33:13 EDT 2005 | jdumont

We also have an AT-707. It has performed pretty well for us. No issues thus far. Software has no auto profile like some others do but for the price its a good system. Get a good look at the optics before you buy. Have used this system for a couple ye

BGA Rework Equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 06 11:14:58 EST 2007 | CL

Good Morning All, We are looking at new equipment for reworking BGA components that is RoHS capable. I wanted to get a feel for what others in the industry are using and get some feedback good or bad on these systems. We are currently using an Air

soldering robot

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 28 08:45:03 EDT 2007 | pjc

I have seen point-to-point soldering iron tip robots in action at a number of factories. The problem is repeatability at delivering good solder joints. Consider a small selective solder machine, the nozzle type: www.ace-protech.com www.air-vac-eng.c

Lead-Free BGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 26 15:36:57 EDT 2007 | bjrap3

The board thickness is 50 thousandths. The style of the BGA is a 324 ball BGA that has an isolated center region. The machine that I am using is the Air-Vac DRS25. I'm not too sure why the pads are being removed when I am desoldering. I know when

Air-Vac DRS24-25

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 19 17:09:56 EDT 2007 | hegemon

We have both DRS24 and DRS25 Lead Free rework is done for the most part on the DRS25, although the DRS24 can handle some of our smaller pbFree assemblies. We bought the DRS25 machine new, it was not an upgrade. The machine is very successful at pb

Zevac BGA Rework DRS21C

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 30 17:13:36 EST 2007 | stevek

Not sure about that model, but I've used several DRS 22's and find them easier to use than the DRS24 I inherited at my current place. The lack of automation makes doing things yourself easier. The newer automated machines need more programming. I'

BGA Rework Stations

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 18 09:04:24 EST 2008 | jdumont

We have an Advanced Techniques AT707 system. Overall I am pretty pleased with it. Honestly we went with them because it was one of the lowest priced models when we were first getting into BGAs four years ago. They are worth a look. This year ill be l

BGA Rework affected by cold weather?

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 15 18:22:36 EST 2014 | mcapizzi

As was stated, there are a number of variables that could come into play. I have used AirVac DRS26 and SRT Machines. We are now using Shuttle Star which has IR as well as hot air heat. This works much better for us. You can view these at. http://www.

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