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Smt parts in strips

Electronics Forum | Wed May 02 11:22:19 EDT 2012 | aj

waste of time - get your materials manager to work on the smt floor for a week and see how ridiculous this approach is! saving pennies while adding time between setups, looking for parts and as you said issues with pickup etc....

Components near breakouts

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 01 17:43:35 EST 2015 | barryg

Hi all, I was wondering if there are guidelines for how near components are to breakouts, and orientation of components near breakouts? Does IPC or other address this? We are sometimes approached with some crazy PCB layouts with multiple PCB's per ar

Samsung SM421

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 26 09:50:27 EDT 2016 | schmidtv62

I'm looking for any information on the Samsung SM421 regarding BGA placement. We currently have a Universal GSM (circa 2004) GI-14 and we are approaching software limitations on multi-pitch BGAs. Any additional information about the SM421 capabilit

Very thin laminate substrate problem with solder printing

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 27 17:36:40 EST 2017 | davef

Consider that printing may not be the only approach to getting paste on to your board. Would a dispenser work better?


Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 16 14:26:41 EDT 2020 | rsatmech

Hello all, I am randomly getting solder short due to voids in the BGA Reference image attached. Kindly provide your thoughts on this as how to approach to resolve this issue.

WLCSP Assembly options

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 17 17:11:10 EDT 2021 | emeto

I would recommend flux approach. I have placed tons of these packages. They have plenty of paste on the balls, and tend to short easy when you screen paste. Even if you get the print right, you would still see more voiding compared to using just flux

Stencil maintenance approaches

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 08 20:22:38 EDT 2021 | emeto

Hello, do you perform any stencil maintenance? What type of controls do you use? Also interested if you have a way to measure nano coating thickness? Any ideas will be appreciated.

Stencil maintenance approaches

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 09 12:56:39 EDT 2021 | emeto

Thank you for your reply Djo. What do you consider a normal range tension for 29" stencil on a hard frame? Also I am not sure how I can use micrometer in the middle of 29" stencil to measure the thickness? CAn you please clarify?

Stencil maintenance approaches

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 09 18:02:42 EDT 2021 | emeto

Stencil thickness could be 3,4,5,6 mil but stencil is framed on 29 inch frame for SMT printer machine. I want to measure thickness in the center of this frame.

Stencil maintenance approaches

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 09 20:48:12 EDT 2021 | laserstencils

I do not know of a way to measure the nano-coating. However, it is easy to check if it is still on the stencil. Simply use a 'sharpe' pen and try and mark the bottom (PCB) side near any openings. If it easily marks, then the nano is no longer present

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