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In-line x-ray inspection systems.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 11:06:31 EDT 2001 | Gil Zweig

In-line systems are effective in detecting the obvious defects such as solder bridges, missing balls and excessive solder voids. They may not be as effective in detecting the subtle changes in solder bond shapes (signatures) indicating loss or chang

Nitrogen V.S Solder bridging problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 06 11:17:13 EDT 2001 | Steve

I may be wrong, but I'm thinking that nitrogen has less effect on solder bridging as does the amount of solder that is present. Nitrogen allows better wetting becasue there are no oxidation effects. If you have solder bridging problems, look at the

Flux residue effects on circuit performance?

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 15 09:55:45 EDT 2002 | Tom Van Heuklon

Can anybody explain breifly what some of the effects of flux residue from a no clean process might be on circuit performance? Alternatively, might you tell me where I might find such information?

Measuring PM Effectiveness

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 24 01:02:42 EDT 2002 | Jones

Was wanting to get some ideas about some systems being used to measure Preventive Maintenace effectiveness on SMT equipment. Currently using machine SPC data, defect tracking and PPM's per SMT process. Looking for new ideas and better methods. Than

cost effective bga remove

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 09 09:22:40 EST 2004 | Tobias

Hello, i'm searching for a way to remove bga's easy and cost effective. It doesn't matter if the PCB or adjacent assemblies are damaged. Thanks!

Via in Pad Production

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 02:13:32 EST 2004 | Grant

Hi, We are thinking about starting to use via in Pad, for both BGA and 0402 and 0201 components. Does anyone know how this would effect production. Obviously PCB production is not difficult, but this should only effect production and assembly. R

Blue color in solder bath and tinned lead

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 10 13:05:41 EST 2005 | patrickbruneel

This phenomenon is caused by a high amount of halogens (Cl, Br etc.) used in the flux activators or in the flux surfactants. We've seen effects creating all colors of the rainbow. Changing to No-Clean (halide-free) will eliminate this color effect.

MS2 molten solder surfactant

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 22:22:16 EST 2006 | Baer

Oh, by the way, it is compatable with any and all fluxes. It has no effect on flux and flux has no effect on it.

Author authentic

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 17 20:03:57 EDT 2007 | davef

We agree. Further, Captcha is not very effective in limiting the ability of computers to replicate the entry code. But the good news is that the verification software that is effective in preventing computer scanning is doubally difficult for human

Back Pressure Effect

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 07 08:39:39 EDT 2011 | ianjames

How to compensate the back pressure effect that affect the wire of SMT molded package? The wire looks like snake and we call-it snake wire. It only happen near the stitch.

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