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Samsung QSA error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 17:54:17 EDT 2017 | simons

The machine does not move to the home position. Once we hit the "Home" button all three heads will move up to the "Home" position but then 5 to 10 seconds later the following error pops up "Error 1531 - Z Axis motor alarm" before any "xy" movement i

DEK 265 boot error

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 26 12:14:34 EDT 2017 | lefwan

Our DEK 265 machine is showing this error message during starting…than it keeps re-starting in endless loops: Diskette drive failure on drive A Fixed Disk Controller Failure Fast ready check - Version 1.0 Copyright Arcom Control Systems Ltd. CMOS

Panasonic NPM-W Nozzle error

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 14 16:03:08 EST 2018 | cbeneat

Wondering if anyone will have an idea on what we are experiencing with our Panasonic. When the machine goes to change nozzles,it errors out saying "Nozzle exist error(Rack) occurred,(R side)" There is nothing in the nozzle bank, actually replaced ban

Topaz X error

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 12 11:26:31 EST 2019 | aldrich17

Does anyone have any info. on an "E869" error code on a Phillips Topaz X SMT machine. Error screen shows "Nozzle down limit sensor is off in A-table YV100X:N2323 YV100XT:n2223 Please check sensor and remove to the cause of this sensor being off.

quad 1000 error

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 23 14:04:48 EST 2005 | smtking

Call technical support. Dumbass

quad 1000 error

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 23 15:12:35 EST 2005 | pemnut

Hey smtqueen, grow up.

quad 1000 error

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 23 15:23:03 EST 2005 | c.b

Thank you for your reply bobpan, and will try dropping the running speed, will let you know.

quad 1000 error

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 23 15:34:27 EST 2005 | c.b

No i,m sure you would like to have that title, then you can be a couple!!!!

quad 1000 error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 19 10:58:59 EST 2006 | bobpan

Doesn't Karl Mohor with KTI still service the equipment down there???

quad 1000 error

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 02 13:13:17 EST 2006 | MAZINK

Does any one know about QSV ! PLUS

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