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Vitronics XPM1 Blower Replacement

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 11 13:29:17 EDT 2007 | cyber_wolf

Hi, We recently purchased an XPM1. It has 3 squealing blower motors. Of course they are the ones on the bottom zones. I have read the procedure in the tech manual. Does anyone have any experience replacing these blowers? Can you offer me any helpf

kester em918

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 02 13:45:06 EDT 2007 | mun4o

Hi, we use om338 from alpha metals in our smt production lines.I wont change this solder paste with kester em 918.Is anybody use this solder paste?what yo think abaout this paste.Is it good?

Which is best Selective Soldering or Robtoic soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 08 03:53:08 EDT 2007 | d0min0

Hi, we do stepper motor assembly, and "use" both methodes; coil is selective soldered before entering line and then coils & I/O connector are soldered to PCB with robot (in many points also manual soldering) regards Dominik

via under a smd pad ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 05 06:27:23 EST 2007 | grantp

Hi, We are also interested in this, and I have heard you can get the PCB's with the via's plugged. Also, if the via's are small, the solder should not penetrate? Anyone have any further info? Grant

Pin Through-Paste with Lead-Free

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 05 02:57:21 EST 2007 | work288

Hi, We had using PIHR process for about 5 years already, if you need some info data do drop me a mail at work288@yahoo.com.sg . Hun

pump print stencil

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 06 02:45:09 EST 2007 | mun4o

hi, we use pump print stencil and have problem with cleaning.we clean the stencil handling, using zestron301, but in the holes stay adhesive.Take a test with ultrasonic cleaner but resalt is not good.

XP242 MFU bypass

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 13 12:22:08 EST 2008 | grantp

Hi, We setup our XP242 with the MFU still in the machine, and can you just do that? Grant

CP2 Nozzle Holder

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 25 05:35:58 EDT 2008 | fujillews

Hi We have large stocks of New Fuji Spare parts for all types CP2-7,IP1-3,QP1-3, XP & NXT. We have the parts you are looking for. see Alternativesmt.com for information or contact me on Llew@alternativesmt.com

Pressfit connector

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 10 16:02:04 EDT 2008 | brulal1

Hi,we are looking to use Press fit connector on our PCB assemblies. Did anyone out there have any issue with press fit connector? Thank Bruno

Clean vs No-Clean

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 08 05:23:11 EDT 2008 | milas

Hi We are designing a new pcb which contains sensitive analogue circuitry, where tiny leakage currents could dramatically affect product performance. Should I build this product Clean or a No-clean chemistry set ? Thanks in advance

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