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Automated Labeling for SMT Assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 13 15:35:14 EST 2005 | clarkk

Mike, I have a used Computype machine that pulls labels from a printer and installs them on the pcb. I can send you pictures and copies of the specs from the manual if you like. Best regards, Clark

Product ID

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 18 12:29:06 EST 2005 | procimprov

Is the a good, cheap automated way of labeling the trays that PCB's go on? We currently use masking tape with assembly and work order numbers but half the time we can't read the operators handwriting. We have looked into some label printers, but not

Label feeders

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 15 22:03:32 EDT 2006 | Frank

You are correct, the Hover Davis label feeder works on 'un-punched' flat carrier. Get a sample of your dots on the tape and send it to Hover Davis to see if their feeder will work for you. The Hover Davis feeder will peel the dot off of the tape so

Label feeders

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 21 16:09:14 EDT 2006 | adlsmt

Yep, we either use kapton tape or mask now depending on the application. It would be nice to be able to do it on a machine but the Hover-Davis label feeders are very expensive. May not be worth the cost for the volumes we run.

Automated board labeling system.

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 13 13:56:24 EST 2007 | greg_diaz

I would like to know if anyone out there is using a stand alone Board labeling equipment and what type.

Automated board labeling system.

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 13 15:35:14 EST 2007 | mulder0990

Our plant does not use an automated process, but I have done some research to the LPF Label Feeder by hover davis. It is for the Fuji IP, QP2, QP3, XP. Hope that will point you in some direction or get this thread started.

Automated board labeling system.

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 14 10:08:17 EST 2007 | lconnor

We used to use in line labelling machines. They are currently for sale. http://www.equipmatching.com/used_equipment/2/34/89063.php

Inspection Marking after Conformal Coating????

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 23 19:18:14 EDT 2009 | Kou Vang

1. You can use this Brady label (p/n THT-21-426) with a laser printer. 2. You can use the Industrial Sharpie, or the label above.

Inspection Marking after Conformal Coating????

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 27 18:19:28 EDT 2009 | blnorman

We use paper labels with a protective coating to prevent browning during reflow. We've had no problems coating over these labels with our silicone. If your coating is not silicone, a Sharpie should print on the coating.

MSL on label

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 16 02:40:57 EDT 2008 | andrzej

hello, I found on label two information about MSL level : MSL-2 - 240C MSL-3 - 260C Does it corresponds to SnPb and Pb-free ?

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