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Vapour Phase Soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 08 19:40:59 EST 1997 | Alan Brewin

I would appreciate hearing views on vapour phase soldering particularly in respect to BGA's. I know that they used to use CFC's but apparently this is no longer the case? Can anyone help with some info? Thanks, Alan Brewin

Why is NC the prefer process for BGA mounting? why not WS?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 23 00:17:53 EDT 2001 | mugen

Mike, 1) NC process = less BGA voids & void-size 2) longer soak times... Heyz, thanks mate :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dave F, tot u were inclinded to the school of thought, that NC process hath higher chance for whining abt voids?


Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 16 04:55:33 EST 2001 | Ramanandkini

Mr.Dave.F has given an exhaustive answer. I just want to mention that some attention could be paid to the plating & contaminants on the PCB. We have experienced longer soldering time due to the presence of contaminants on the plated surface.

Height paste measurement

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 23 21:56:35 EDT 2002 | davef

Russ maybe talking about ASC [ http://www.ascinternational.com/ ]. They can wack the gage on a LSM by about 2/3. That gets it into a range that it's no longer like throwing mud at the wall.

Shrinkage in paper phenolic pcbs

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 22 22:58:40 EDT 2002 | craigj

Are having problems with cheap paper phenolic pcbs that appear to have shrunk. That is they no longer match the stencil (stencil is correct). Some people seem to think this is normal, is there an industry standard out there that says what is reasonab

BGA void removal

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 08 09:51:10 EDT 2002 | larryk

Russ, I use the R562, it has a longer tack time then the Hm531 and have found no problems with voiding on my BGAs. You may want to evaluate this formula also Larry

Palladium leaded devices IPC610 class3 acceptable

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 22 20:37:09 EDT 2002 | davef

Pd takes longer to desolve than the materials yer used to using. Search the fine SMTnet Archives for background on modifying your reflow recipe.

Solder paste in Syringe vs Jar

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 06 09:01:59 EST 2002 | russ

Syringes seem to keep the paste fresher longer since there is less exposure to air than a jar. It is also nice to be able to just squeeze the trigger on a gun instead of using a spatula in my opinion. Russ

Pencil Use writing onto IC

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 11 14:45:56 EST 2002 | Stephen

The "lead" in pencils is no longer lead. (not for several decades) It's graphite. And it is very conductive. I found out the hard way in high school science class.

Conveyor Belts

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 11 13:00:37 EST 2002 | markhoch

I'm looking for a supplier of standard conveyor edge belts. We recently bought a couple of conveyors, (used), and the manufacturer is no longer in business. Now I'm tasked to find replacement parts. Help!

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