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Need a Feeder Engineer

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 03 12:55:31 EST 2005 | dru_wells

We seek the following. Any referrals would be appreciated. Responsible for the complete development of unique feeders that present custom metal stampings and connector products for pickup by industry standard placement machines. The parts will be i


Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 11:52:56 EDT 2007 | slthomas

Mark, the only Panasonics I've worked with were MSHIIs and an MPAV2B and at this point I'm foggy on both, but both tracked component inspection errors quite well. You should be able to tell how many parts are rejected for thickness inspection errors

High mix low volume

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 23 17:33:54 EDT 2008 | pima

so what period of times are you loosing for changeover? is it half of hour? more or less? because I think that should also be a useful indicator, how much time does it take to switch to different product if we are using panasonic,universal,fuji,phili

Thinking of changing Pick and Place from Quads

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 09 17:22:09 EST 2015 | tombstonesmt

I couldn't be more pleased with Panasonic. We've upgraded from MPAV's and MSR's to CM602/DT401 and now their NPM platform. NPM's are extremely fast and accurate. Their auto pickup position teach is great especially if you're running any 0402 2mm pit


Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 13:39:11 EDT 2018 | tombstonesmt

I know this isn't a choice from what I'm reading, but we use to kill LED boards with an old Panasonic MSR. Our newer CM-602 and NPM could not beat the speed when you're talking about a max of 3 different part numbers; depending on binning. My .02 .

Panasonic NPM-W Nozzle error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 03 15:53:28 EST 2019 | cbeneat

We did figure out the issue. The plastic cover inside the LED lighting unit had a slight film covering it, which made the picture slightly hazy. We had to disassemble the LED module to get at it, cleaned it and it was fine. I didn't think this would

Panasonic 08x04 Feeders Paper -vs- Emboss

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 14 17:33:04 EDT 2004 | Ross Clunie

The short answer is "No" the white and green feeders are not interchangble. The green feeder has a channel in it to allow the "embosed" or plastic tape to fit flat at the pickup position. If you use paper tape in this type of feeder the tape can be d

Mydata Hydra and 0201 components

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 02 07:38:13 EDT 2005 | DannyJ

Hi Mike, I haven't tried the 0201s with a Hyrda, but after seeing 20 reviews of your message without a response, I'll try and share my experience with 0402s on a non-Hydra machine. The 0402s are slow, but I managed to get some speed by maxing out


Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 22 12:46:43 EDT 2007 | Hussman

Those Panasonic machines should be able to tell ya pick-up rates form the feeders and shape code errors (components it doesn't recognize). You will probably get a more pick-up errors than anything else. Most of this is due to plastic tape versus pa

Chinese Production SMT Machines???

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 06 04:58:58 EST 2018 | reckless

My wish would be to put 2-3 smaller 4 nozzle/7000cph desktop units and not in line saving me changeover time. Mostly because of the small real estate footprint. I can put one next to my office running 110V/350W - its small enough to fit on my desk

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