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GSM strobe-XY board PROM's

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 07 14:56:32 EST 2011 | dilogic

Looking for set of 45721402/45721502 PROM's. If anyone has them, or can send me hex file to programm them myself, will be very thankful !

Program error

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 08 06:00:05 EDT 2013 | sarason

This is a message from probably a C++ Compiler telling the programmer that a program loop has incorrect data. In all probability a Borland Compiler error message. This fault should not of escaped from the completed application. This stuff is meant to


Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 04 15:13:51 EST 2013 | sfeinsp

I have two MV-3's and MV-7 machines, love them, easy to use and programm, but not ecspect any machine to catch 100% of defects

What is a typical SMT placement defect rate?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 18 04:58:33 EDT 2014 | alexeis

Hi, If you are working in high mix low volume, your machine time is very expansive. In this case you must rely on the programmer, people experience, and make preparations offline (like Setup etc.), so do not hold the line in vain. Best Regards, Ale

smt programming

Electronics Forum | Thu May 12 22:46:48 EDT 2016 | karan12

for juki 740,760 and 2080,using hlc software how do u programme panel pcb 8 in one panel. Need to know how to create pwb data.

DEK 265 Infinity Camera Dimming

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 28 09:11:12 EDT 2016 | dekhead

First thought would be wiring / connections to programmable lighting... but no issues after fiducial setup (while running production)? Seems unusual. DEKHEAD

aoi programming

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 18:03:56 EDT 2018 | spikesnpearls

hello i am a new aoi programmer and i was wondering how to choose/change what type of lighting it uses while scanning the board.i use a yestech ytv-fx

Pick Place Programmer

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 01:59:32 EDT 2018 | reckless

Thanks for the advice. The sockets I am finding all require some pressure to be exerted which has got me worried if my idea will work. I also came across some hollow carriers for the IC but not sure if it will work without solder.

Mydata My9

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 18 16:26:54 EDT 2019 | mendezt6

Swap part method??? Are you meaning swap the tool banks? The tabs on the tool bank look good, but if it’s tweaked slightly that would be hard to tell. Sorry, I’m just an operator/programmer. The person that did all this stuff left suddenly.

Assembleon offline software

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 20 11:14:02 EDT 2020 | kylehunter

I have, but it's super limited in comparison to being a full offline programmer. Especially with part sizes and nozzles

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