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MPM AP25Hie Pre Board Stop error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 10:22:57 EDT 2007 | swag

Sounds like your board stop sensor is not working properly so it's not seeing the y-stop/board edge when the board enters the center or the machine. You could try taking the camera cube cover off, jog the camera over a board then move the board back

PC Board Guidelines

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 19 17:44:22 EDT 2007 | russ

there are IPC standards, I do not know them all off hand. What are the boards failing for? I have found that sometimes the original design is not optimum for any number of reasons. Some fab shops catch these and correct and may or may not inform yo

Juki 2060Light vs Samsung CP45 NEO

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 10 01:55:54 EST 2007 | Frank

Here are some questions you should be considering... How many of each machine type are actually installed and being used in the market? What is the local support in your area from each vendor? Where are their spare parts warehoused? What is the w

Low Silver Solder Problems

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 26 18:58:07 EDT 2009 | rossi

I am not sure that it is the pillow problem. With the pillow problem you tend to see residual solder on the pad and voids where this solder pulled from on the ball. What we are seeing is a very thin flat layer of solder on the pad and a flat surface

BGA inner hairline crack

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 04 02:27:48 EDT 2009 | hurr

Hallo all, when I remove one from us malfunction BGAs from PCB I saw under X-ray inspection inner hairline crack.(see fig.1.) BGA was dried according to J-STD 033 and reflowed in lead process. When I look at new (baked BGA) under X-Ray inspection I

Solder cover

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 05 02:59:59 EST 2010 | grahamcooper22

Hi, Do you have a picture on one of these leads where the solder has covered the lead ? As this is a gull wing device I wouldn't expect solder to cover it. I expect to see a toe fillet / wetting around the sides of the lead and a heel fillet. If your


Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 02 15:03:39 EST 2012 | davef

21. What is the recommended way to connect the sensor? Answer (Pellistors) For VQ500 series sensors please use sockets http://www.cambion.co.uk/Catalogue/Parts/1813.htm. For other pellistors connect to header legs by soldering or mechanical methods

solder paste height standard

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 08 08:20:52 EST 2014 | emeto

To most of our boards I give 20-30% tolerance in both directions. From experience if you have big aperture on your stencil, the squeegee will scoop certain amount of paste from this aperture and you will see lower height. Depending on your board supp

Anyone using a CNC router from ASYS or CTI?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 12 08:02:06 EST 2015 | donb_68

I am interested in seeing de-panelization routers from ASYS and CTI in action. I am particularly interested in the Divisio 5100 and Divisio 2100 series routers from ASYS and the AR2020 and MR2 series routers from CTI. For the manual machines I would

Dendritic Growth

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 20 04:09:57 EDT 2015 | robertwillis

Yes generally speaking yes if there is not contamination on the board from PCB manufacture. for dendrite formation you also need moisture and voltage during operation of the product. You can see many of my IPC Defect of the Month videos at showing yo

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